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Posted by $ Abaco 4 days, 5 hours ago to Culture
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As I've mentioned before - My transition to Galt's Gulch started several years ago when I stopped voting. I thought the whole damn thing was a sham. The last presidential candidate I cast a vote for was Al Sharpton, with a chuckle (He was actually on the ballot). Now, I've watched my fellow citizens beat each other up in the streets, burn cop cars...watched liberals attack elderly people and kids they've never met. Watched cops completely fail to control these situations. No real measures taken to try to bring peace. Watched the communities in my part of the state fall into disrepair - old businesses boarded up, houses falling down. Tent cities continue to flourish more than any other interest. JP Sears calls them "urban outdoorsmen" and my kids and I laugh about that. We have to. Otherwise, I'd cry. When people want to improve their communities where do they go? A board of supervisors or town hall meeting. They haven't seen it yet...

What has happened during my generation is that the American people, en masse, have started kneeling to government - worshiping it as their savior, their omniscient, omnipotent cure for all ills. Now, thanks to this (as an example I noticed early on) we have autism rates so high around here that sometimes half the kids at our park playground are unable to function. Half. As Americans have come to look to the same people who gave us the Tuskegee Experiment (by the way, no charges were brought) for their healthcare they've gotten less healthy. Crime is an everyday thing. American's are dying younger now. Until Trump we were in perpetual war - sending our young people to sand pits and then waving Chinese-made American flags and cheering when they come back with their legs blown off, brain damaged.

Just last night my buddy and I were talking about his son's marriage falling apart. They have two little kids but the wife wants to go explore a different lifestyle - ditching he family. Other than the kids suffering the other problem is that the husband is a real man, family man - just like his father. Where can he turn? Real men are so rare in America they're like that grainy piece of footage of bigfoot that was shot up in Oregon back in '67. "Wow...what is that!? It's very human-like." When I showed up my my daughter's school to passively prevent a (male) bully from attacking her for a third time you would have thought a shooter was on campus. Staff scrambled, eyes wide open, principal saying I was threatening - just for being there, smiling and goofing around with the other kids lined up to enter her class. It was like Bigfoot showed up on campus, literally. Oh - and the principal actually argued with me when I said a man should never beat a woman. Not her fault. She probably doesn't know what a man is.

See...America's the daddy now. Everybody's daddy. Our fellow citizens have given all power to our elected officials who are now our rulers. This Saturday I'll be subject to a curfew for the first time in my life. Oh, I have several friends who aren't going to comply. That gives me some hope. But, as Americans have given more and more power to these men in costumes and nice suits covering their feeble and bloated bodies it's become some sort of drug. It's so easy to just start relying on government, like an opiate. Feels great. When Trump was elected and the opiate drip might get tainted or turned down just an itty-bitty bit people got violent. Like a person who gets a good opiate addiction started America is in a state of despair like the homeless woman in the torn, dirty dress who lives in the bushes by the river. Haggard, frail, no longer really making any sense. Soon, they'll find the remains in an ally. And both sides are guilty. I've watched friends of mine who are neocons and, IMO, they are CINO's - conservatives in name only.

All people needed to do is at some point say, "I'm not going to do whatever I'm told. I want to keep more of my own money. I'm going to raise my family as I see fit. Stay the F out of my way." But, not enough people were saying that. Too few. And, here we are. Of course there will be fraud in an election when so much power is in the balance. Not surprised one bit. Now the top ruler elect is some guy who often speaks in broken thoughts and forgotten words. If you think that he'll really be the one making the decisions I have a bridge I need to sell.

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  • Posted by $ Ben_C 3 days, 23 hours ago
    • The huge expansion of the federal government as per the DNC 2020 national platform is a good thing. The federal government will solve all of our problems. We will no longer have personal responsibility.

    I sent that plus other similar bullet points to my liberal friends. I agree that we are rapidly approaching a divided nation: those who chose personal responsibility and those who chose dependency. Birds of a feather as the saying goes and I suspect there will be severe polarization - red states vs blue states. I chose red states.
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