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  • Posted by 7 months ago
    I'm contemplating writing a which the context is the world of 2025 and the Socialists have finally been successful in formally gaining power in the US and in which the technology of the near future enables those who resist to collaborate virtually and create a society that thrives commercially using blockchain. Just want to refer to the name, which momentarily escapes me. I believe there was another name in addition to Galt's Gulch.
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    • Posted by Idiocracy42 7 months ago
      I myself started one several years ago, left undone. It was inspired by (seriously) a computer game I played a bit in the 80s (A Mind Forever Voyaging) - kind of a virtual time-travel into the future that shows the future impact of today's actions. I still think about finishing that one, now years later.

      Best of luck on it and welcome to the Gulch!
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