Your Election Prediction!?

Posted by fivedollargold 4 weeks ago to Politics
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Who do you think will win, Biden or Trump? Fivedollargold's prediction is a TIE. (Because it's 2020)

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  • Posted by $ BobCat 3 weeks, 5 days ago
    This election is about something much bigger than either candidate. Its about Liberty.

    Over the past numerous elections, I have watched the development of several disturbing trends. Namely the leftist push for the destruction of our Republic.

    The 2016 election should have been a wake-up call for the Right. Even though the Republican candidate won, the closeness of the race was disturbing to me.

    The 2018 elections again pointed to the disturbing fact that the Leftist ideals are gaining ground among the "voters".

    So that brings me to this election. The Left has gone full bore with their Leftist candidates - and now they are not even attempting to hide their leftist ideology. They openly preach to the masses about the destruction of the Republic.

    My prediction, for whatever it is worth, is -- irregardless of which ever candidate wins, Lady Liberty and the Republic loose. The groundswell and uprising of the Leftist ideology to the forefront of American politics will have gained more momentum - The Genie simply can not be put back into the bottle!
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