Hi. My name is...tomjoad, not, really,but I read and saw the movie multiple times before driving to California,after losing small fortune intexas oil bust 1980.$7 in my pocket,did maid work in

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Sierras, Mammoth,w a full-length cast up to my shoulder for 6 months,the joined civilization,low landers in Croatian ,my grandparents ,community San Pedro, w a writer for You and time, newsweek,etc..Worked in worldwide transportation, fascinating,then texas college,then back in beverhills transfer, working hughes aircraft,did a radio show in LA,then worked for small moving co in Orange county and in storage was all the handwritten works of ayn Rand,I was offered to read some of them from the owner's of the storage,I had read shrugged ten years earlier as well as others and a fan of Nathaniel Branden,an avid reader,I was an idealogical john galt,making my way in life..... Other things happened,it's 9-23-2020, WTF is gonna happen next?

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