Reverence for One's Life, or the Greater Good?

Posted by mshupe 3 years, 5 months ago to Philosophy
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"Kira’s focus and determination is essential and normal to her life premise, not calamity. Misfortune is to be handled quickly and forgotten. It is human nature to take rational action, to control one’s environment, to live."

"Over the next two weeks, Kira waited hours in “ghastly lines of deformed creatures – the smell of the morgue” at three hospitals. At the State Medical headquarters, it was “hours of waiting in dim, damp corridors that smelt of carbolic acid and soiled linen.” Reminiscent of President Obama, it was a teachable moment; “a mystic absolute, one had to be a member of a Trade Union and get a dispatchment to a Trade Union Sanatorium.” Or qualify for marketplace subsidies."

"Aunt Maria Petrovna had lived her life preparing for death. Her moral choices were guided by the mystics of the mind – the Church. Upon facing imminent death, Maria realized her error and turned to the only person she knew who chose to live. Andrei’s moral choices were guided by the mystics of muscle – the Party. He lived his life for the battle, one that could only end in death, yet he was beginning to realize that he was wrong."

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