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Posted by snowbear 2 months ago to The Gulch: Introductions
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New visitor and thrilled to have found this site. Was looking for the entire courtroom scene when I discovered this site. I'm not welcome in most of the country that has turned blue. I'm old, 71, white, married. To a woman. Same one for 40 years in fact. I didn't make slaves of anyone, and I'm certainly not going to pay reparations for same....we have moved to North Idaho, a pleasant sanctuary for like minded conservatives,
where we watch the rest of the country in disgusted amazement. We don't pretend to accept what we see but we also stay out of it...as long as they don't bring that behavior to us and expect to be welcomed. They won't be. We've already left Colorado and Arizona because they have turned blue. We don't want that to happen here and work very hard to share that with new people that want to live in the area.

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