I have a question for someone in academia?

Posted by coaldigger 3 months, 3 weeks ago to Education
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In the past I have posted about a granddaughter that was an excellent student and that in the 9th grade won an Ayn Rand essay contest. She graduated this spring from North Fort Myers HS and simultaneously completed two years towards a college degree at the local state university. She graduated Suma Cum Laude in all honors courses with a GPA of 5.something. She has a scholarship for any Florida state school and was also a Cambridge Scholar which covers all of Florida and applies to many other schools nationally. She did not like her visit at UF and did not want to be too far from home so she is set to enroll at FAU. It looks like the COVID situation is going to interfere with classes there and she is becoming discouraged. My daughter and son in law don't seem sufficiently disturbed by this and I don't want to create a problem not being sure of what I am doing. I don't know how smart she really is but she has always been in gifted and talented programs and whatever was the highest grade is what she has always gotten. She is a young 17 years old and has been protected yet she is very quiet and unassuming. I was not happy with FAU but she would only be there 2 years and if she is what I think she is she will seek and find the next steps properly. The pandemic is the wild card here and I would hate for her academic potential not to bloom because of it.
Is there anyone that has experience in this type of situation? If so, I would like to hear from you.

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