Mail in voting.

Posted by oldtk 7 months ago to Politics
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So, if they allow mail in voting and Trump wins, will they accept it?

I seriously doubt it.

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  • Posted by $ Dobrien 7 months ago
    Hello oldtk, The left never accepted his last election.
    I think you will find it interesting how Trump trapped the left with his tweet about delaying the election the other day. The left went nuts saying you can’t delay the election. Mail in voting will delay the election results. Think about it.
    Dave from X22 Report explains it in this informative video. Skip ahead to 25:45 mins , although the whole report is worth a listen.
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    • Posted by SilentScream 7 months ago
      Just checked it out. I subscribed when you shared the channel a little while back, but none of his videos have been showing up (hmm....), so I may have to navigate myself to his channel every now and then to check out the recent updates. Following that Tim Pool guy seems to keep me somewhat informed on some of the things that are going on, but he just always seems wound a little tight & seems to do a lot more ranting than necessary while the X22 guy seems to cover a lot more ground in the same amount of time a lot more calmly and with less frustrated ranting.
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    • Posted by Lucky 7 months ago
      Ah, but you could have mail voting with a cutoff date say 2 days before the nominal election date. All the usual frauds could proceed. Not spreading ideas here I hope, they would have thought of that.
      Breibert gives some examples, and explains the difference between mail voting- plenty of fraud scope, and absentee voting which has better documentation.
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