The nationwide coin shortage and the alignment with an Agenda 21 goal, a cashless society

Posted by Mitch 4 weeks ago to Government
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Did you hear, I could barely notice as I’ve only seen two retailers stating that they will only accept exact cash or electronic payments. News to me at the time, did a little research and found a few stories about it. Didn’t read all of these but they are blaming it on Covid.

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  • Posted by $ Olduglycarl 4 weeks ago
    I think, no matter what, we still need some form of burp from the sun or some earthling humanoid and electronic cash is out the door.
    With our shields down 25% (expected in 2022) it won't take much of a burp to crash servers, radar, gps and the like...not to mention our power grid.
    Let's hope it's much less than a Carrington event. We are bound to get at least a few during this last solar max before the Grand Solar Minimum takes hold.
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  • Posted by $ Abaco 4 weeks ago
    When/if we go cashless it's over, I think. Everybody will be at the will of the deep state. I used to collect gold coins. Have been hankering to do that again. They're pretty neat. I'd like to us a Krugerrand as my ball marker when playing golf with the boys. See how long till they notice...haha...
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  • Posted by 4 weeks ago
    Actions speak louder than words

    For EWV, this is only a discussion. I noticed a correlation between Covid and Agenda 21, being offered for discussion. My objectivity is intact.
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