Numbers of COVID cases bottomed and have risen daily starting June 10 after 2 weeks of BLM rioting, arson, and congregating in the streets

Posted by freedomforall 9 months, 4 weeks ago to Politics
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If you look at the daily reports for confirmed COVID cases in the US, the number of 1 wk average new cases was falling until a low on 5-28. Then there was a period of plateau sideways until a new low was reached on 6-9.
June 9 was 15 days after the death of George Floyd. 15 days of demonstrations and riots with hundreds of thousands ignoring advice not to congregate. 15 days for the virus to spread and grow in the bodies of useful idiots.
Starting on June 10 the 1 week average number of confirmed COVID patients in the US has increased every day according to the Johns Hopkins database.

(See attached graphic.)

I hope the rioters and arsonists didn't spread the virus and murder elderly innocent people.

You can be sure that the media will never make it public when it becomes painfully obvious how this resurgence of virus was caused. Undoubtedly it was Trump's fault in their jaundiced eyes.

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  • Posted by $ Olduglycarl 9 months, 3 weeks ago
    If they were Asymptomatic then they could Not infect others...regardless what the mamestream says.
    The question is...were those supposid infections at the mayhem centers AND! do we find a similar pattern of infections across the World.

    Abet, it wouldn't surprise me if paid actors (or spreaders) from china were REintroducing the virus from time to time because with all the date about it's survival outdoors, in the sun, in the heat and should be DEAD!!!

    People locked up inside a dark, dry, air conditioned house?...yea, that's how you get it.
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  • Posted by Lucky 9 months, 4 weeks ago
    Take a look at the graphs for each state in turn, lower down on the page.
    If there was a spiking effect from the disturbances, the effect in each state should be at the same time (?).
    Nothing there I can make out.
    Inconclusive? Any such upswing could be just due to a random increase in testing. (Country of manufacture of the test kits?)
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    • Posted by 9 months, 3 weeks ago
      Here is a list of the extent of demonstrations

      Looking at the states one by one, some appear to increase only a few days after Floyd's death:

      Arizona 5/29
      Arkansas 6/1
      CA 5/27 and accelerating 6/9
      Florida 6/3 accelerating 6/12
      Nevada 6/4
      North Carolina 5/31
      Oklahoma 6/1 accelerating 6/11
      Oregon 5/30
      South Carolina 6/5
      Texas 6/2 accelerating 6/14
      Utah 5/29
      Washington St 5/28

      Others the upturn was later and some may or may not be a trend:
      Colorado 6/16
      Delaware 6/10 (no trend yet)
      Georgia 6/13
      Idaho 6/16
      Illinois 6/24
      Indiana 6/24
      Iowa 6/21
      Kansas 6/15
      Louisiana 6/23
      Maine 6/23
      Michigan 6/15
      Minnesota 6/20
      Mississippi 6/22
      Missouri 6/15
      Montana 6/12
      New Mexico 6/20
      Ohio 6/16
      Pennsylvania 6/22
      Tennessee 6/12
      Vermont 6/21
      West Virginia 6/12
      Wisconsin 6/18
      Wyoming 6/8

      This is based on the JH data on the same page looking at the 7-day average of new confirmed COVID illness state by state.

      The earlier worst hit states appear to have been less affected. Perhaps local ordinances are in place requiring masks even during riots and arson. "Honey, don't go out to burn stores down without your mask."
      I have noticed some timing variances on a daily reporting basis state by state but I don't know if any of that has been smoothed by JH.
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      • Posted by Lucky 9 months, 3 weeks ago
        Thanks for doing the work!

        My opinion fwiw,
        - that data does not make much of a case either way that the congregating has spread, or did not spread, the virus.
        - testing is erratic, testing devices are unreliable,
        - early thinking of Feb/March was that the virus spreads fast in the age 70s + but slowly in the under 30s.

        Our governments have protected religion (no not the old religions) but the rituals of riot and arson of the new irrational wokist/postmodernists.
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