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! cannot help but think that this COVID-19 “virus” is simply a distraction, but from what I’m not positive. The riots were a better distraction while they lasted but now that has run its course, we now switch back to the worsen pandemic. It all seems too convenient… I thought that I’d start a list of plausible causes and when a helicopter land in front of my house and men in black knock on my know, I’ll know I found it. Some serious and some for laughs, you decide:

A) They know that the Durham investigation has uncovered the deep state, they know they will be exposed and prosecuted for their treasonous actions.

B) Biden is a known, known loser that is… The poor man has dementia and the left is trying to hide that fact from the American public. Panic that they know they do not stand a chance in hell and that no amount of cheating will be enough to counter act the land slide victory of Trump in 2020.

C) Evidence that Hillary Clinton killed Epstein has surfaced. https://nypost.com/2019/11/01/trevor-...

E) The agenda 21 -> 2030 -> 2020 thing… https://technocracy.news/pandemic-panic-to-usher-in-the-uns-2030-agenda-ten-years-early/

F) Grand Solar Minimum – I would imagine the government has been briefed on this possibility discovered by Valentina Zharkova in her peer reviewed academic paper on predicting the solar cycles. If she is accurate, we only have a short 10 years to prepare if it has already started. Mass riots (oh wait) will ensue if people really believe they will starve to death. https://www.researchgate.net/profile/...

G) The economy has already collapsed due to the debt of our nation and nothing can be done to prop it up again. Delay until the wealthy and well connected can prepare then step out of the way. https://www.mydailyinformer.com/econo...

H) Remember the FBI raiding a observatory in New Mexico? They saw an alien space craft and the government didn’t want the news to become public. Now they know that the aliens are landing in New Mexico (why is it always New Mexico?). https://koaa.com/news/2018/09/14/myst...

D) Answer D – All of the above, when answer D is an option, it’s almost always answer D.

Now excuse me while I step outside to light a few landing flares for the helicopters.

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