The Theoretical Minimum 136 Lectures Series by Professor Leonard Susskind

Posted by Doug_Huffman 1 year, 11 months ago to Science
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Professor Susskind: “A number of years ago I became aware of the large number of physics enthusiasts out there who have no venue to learn modern physics and cosmology. Fat advanced textbooks are not suitable to people who have no teacher to ask questions of, and the popular literature does not go deeply enough to satisfy these curious people. So I started a series of courses on modern physics at Stanford University where I am a professor of physics. The courses are specifically aimed at people who know, or once knew, a bit of algebra and calculus, but are more or less beginners. ”

Not having a broadcast receiver, we only stream infotainment. This is a favorite.

Professor Susskind lays the foundation for intelligent and controversial discussions with, for instance, Lee Smolin of KITP on background free physics. This is the physics of fundamental time, with space as emergent and contingent.

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