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  • Posted by 2 weeks ago
    The SBA does not give loans to small business unless they are certain you will pay the loan back. Small businesses even hotels were mostly denied any useful loan because of poor credit and inability to pay back due to being closed. How;s that For Catch-22?

    You need a loan because the government shut you down (NY) so you have no revenue. . Since you have no revenue you can't get a loan.

    Even if you did get a loan from the SBA they gave a maximum of 12K because all the Political Donors were paid off first,

    Did anyone even get the full 12K? not any business that I know..

    The PPP was much more helpful. But still not enough.

    The right way was to see this as the government paying an insurance.claim. Compensate for the amount of missed business not just leave us hanging like the insurance companies did with their Virus exceptions.. .
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    • Posted by freedomforall 2 weeks ago
      Much of the PPP went to public traded companies that should have been excluded from consideration.
      But that is what happens when you hand the banking cartel a $trillion with no restrictions or penalties for not following "guidance".
      PPP was simply a banking/ Wall St bailout in disguise with a few crumbs thrown out to the serfs for cover.

      The SBA is another banking cartel operation designed to make bankers rich and to enslave most small businesses who are approved for loans.
      The entire financing "industry" is rigged to suppress competition for big business, funnel inventions from small business to big business, and crush the productivity of all but a few small businesses who grow enough to be corrupted.

      Nearly everything done in government has the goal that is the opposite of what they name the bills, e.g., Patriot Act.
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