COVID-19 Mortality By Age Group per CDC 6/24/20

Posted by freedomforall 8 months ago to Business
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I have been looking for some time for detailed age demographic data on COVID-19.
Without such information no one can rationally decide if economic shut down is a valid response to the virus. For example, if the virus has a high fatality rate among working age people that might indicate a justification for economic shutdown.
If that is not the case - if the fatality rate for working age people without pre-existing conditions is very low - then shutdown of businesses is hard to justify as a valid action.

These statistics ARE being compiled in the medical records but the media does not publicize the results.

The CDC has a database they call Provisional COVID-19 Death Counts with demographic data.
You can download the data for a spreadsheet.

For the USA 2/1/20-6/24/20 per the CDC
Over 85 years 33.3%
Over 75 years 59.9%
Over 65 years 80.7%

CDC Provisional COVID death data by age for USA from state by state reports
2/1/20 - 6/24/20


Over 65 age group makes up 6.6% of the US work force (about 10.4 million workers.)
Over 75 age group is about 1.1% of the US work force (about 1.9 million workers.)

Workforce demographics:

See attached bar graph.

Does this mortality distribution justify closing the economy, or is there a better way to protect those most at risk?

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  • Posted by janblacha 8 months ago
    'I do believe that the virus and the subsequent virus media hysteria was introduced so as to able to control the population in order to bring about a new power direction. There are many side benefits as well. One, is to eliminate the aging work force as they hold counter beliefs and cost to much to keep healthy. This is just one. A second one is, to eliminate small independent businesses as these too have a counter belief system and are as well too independent minded'. John from "They and the Implementation of Chaos Theory"
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  • Posted by $ Olduglycarl 8 months ago
    No, it's not justified. Our older, medically vulnerable workers simple took furlow and are now coming back...we missed them.
    I, a bloodtype 0 that has never had the flu and with no underlying conditions...stayed and collected a lot of overtime.

    I also heard a discussion on local TV this morning, that blood type 0 was the least vulnerable to covid. Blood type 0s represent 60% of the worlds population.

    Shared here, there were reports early on that blood type A was most vulnerable.

    It goes without saying that comorbidities outweigh blood type IMO.
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    • Posted by 8 months ago
      That's interesting, OUC.
      Have you seen a source for the COVID stats including blood type? That might be very illuminating.
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      • Posted by $ Olduglycarl 8 months ago
        No one has published one...the news originally came from Japan which accounts for the blood types in their medical practices.

        I'd like see more, serious studies on non-secretors...people that do not express their immune antigens in any fluid but the blood.

        That info would be important too.
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        • Posted by 8 months ago
          One article, but not an elaborate study or conclusions

          "A growing body of research is discovering a potential link between a person’s blood type and their COVID-19 risk. The latest stems via preliminary data from the at-home genetic test kit company 23andMe.
          The company shared in a blog post this week that preliminary results from its ongoing genetic study of COVID-19—which currently has more than 750,000 participants—“suggest that O blood type appears to be protective.” Specifically, people with type O blood were up to 18% less likely to test positive for COVID-19 than those of other blood types."
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          • Posted by $ Olduglycarl 8 months ago
            The shame of it is that Blood type is rarely accounted for in statistics. Most people don't even know their blood type and doctors have no clue either. I would think one would list All individually physiological statistics, age, weight, blood type, RH factor, secretor status, etc, etc.

            As you know, I studied and do the Blood Type Diet; ( The Doc, (D'Adamo), every flu season gives us the low down on who (bloodtype) is on that years hit list. Many times it's between A's and O's with B's and AB's skewed one way or the other for vulnerability. This year, I must of missed or perhaps he didn't get into the covid thing...he is probably trying to make sense of all the bull out there like the rest of us....Interesting to note. Dr D'Adamo is an A.
            Another interesting factoid about the clotting factor of A versus O: A has the thickest blood and O the thinnest/ acids in the stomach: As the least, Os the most. Although, through antiquity, we've always gotten along, we are the first 2 blood types but biologically, for all intent and purpose...we are opposites. Vegetarians versus Red Meat eaters. (leaving the "garden" necessitated a digestive change...hence: Blood type 0).

            This year, it seems the majority of us lucked out.
            blood type a is about 20% of the population.
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  • Posted by j_IR1776wg 8 months ago
    Thank you FFA. These statistics make the lockdown look unnecessary, criminal, and scream out for the necessity of limiting the power of the people in government to destroy the lives of young people.

    If only we could come up with an objective measure of the economic and psychic damage imposed on those youth just starting out in life, and disseminate that information widely, perhaps we might be able to prevent a dictatorship by dimwits.
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    • Posted by term2 8 months ago
      I agree that it is mainly the younger people who will pay for this economic shutdown, and THEY were the ones who werent going to die from the corona virus... Very unfair for the government to prevent free association amongst citizens like they did with this shutdown
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  • Posted by mia767ca 8 months ago
    the CDC told doctors and hospitals to lie about the number of covid deaths...Italy admitted that 99% of their covid deaths were a lie...

    none of the above info is they have burned and buried the bodies we will never know...

    the CDC paid the hospitals $39K per "covid" death...
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  • Posted by Lucky 8 months ago
    Also relates to the thread of deleted

    I have lost the ref, it may be twitter, @gummibear737,
    'case fatality rate' in about 50 different countries,
    classified by use of HCQ, 1. No HCQ use 2. mixed HCQ, 3.HCQ used.

    There is a similar chart showing level of lock-down as the variable.
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    • Posted by 8 months ago
      If you can find the reference I'd like to examine that data, Lucky.

      Yes, I posted that thread and deleted it when I found the CDC data used in this thread.
      (I thought "deleted" meant "deleted".
      I guess not.)
      However, the NYC data in that thread did make an additional point about pre-existing medical conditions, so I guess it's good it wasn't actually deleted. [grin]
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      • Posted by Lucky 8 months ago
        Full lockdown policies in Western Europe countries have no evident impacts on the COVID-19 epidemic.
        Thomas Meunier. Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, Falmouth, Massachusetts,
        Ensenada Center for Scientific Research and Higher Education, Ensenada, BC. April 24, 2020

        The summary is on-
        from which the full paper can be downloaded.
        Comments are good, yes there are flaws in the paper which are not fatal,
        but the onus of proof should be on the proponents of lockdowns to show it worked, this has not be done.

        I'm still looking for the chart.
        (Regards to deleted)
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        • Posted by Lucky 8 months ago
          Still cannot find the chart I was looking for.
          Meanwhile here are some refs about the value or otherwise of lockdowns.

          Various data, mainstream and respectability biases-

          The WaPo, based on two studies, both these if I read correctly are in turn based on the notorious Imperial College London modeling by Neil Ferguson.

          Not the latest, March 17, 2020, but reliable source- John P.A. Ioannidis, Stanford.
          'evidence fiasco' '..extreme measures of social distancing and lockdowns. Unfortunately, we do not know if these measures work'

          "fatality rate for those under age 70 is just 0.04%"

          Selection of anti-lockdown views and data-

          The death rate-
          "We destroyed our entire country and suspended democracy all for a lie, and these people perpetrated the unscientific degree of panic. Will they ever admit the grave consequences of their error?"

          "Coronavirus Lockdowns Were a Mistake. The Media is Continuing to Mislead" audio blog

          Twitter users can go to-

          Comment from me, the two issues with lockdowns are-
          1. Does it work, can argue to and fro. The costs are economic disruption and jobs lost, certain and large if not easy to quantify. The benefits are life and health. Thus we get the emotional blackmail cry of 'cannot price human lives', but the benefits are very questionable, could be negligible, we know about fake modeling.
          2. Governments should not have the power to lock up people not guilty of committing a crime.
          A fair number on this site, not just the pure Objectivists, would have this view.
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  • Posted by $ blarman 8 months ago
    Should we shut down the economy? NO. Unequivocably NO.

    The thing which stands out to me most among all of this hubbub is the overweening arrogance and hubris: pretension that we can "do something" to halt the spread of this disease. It's a nice political platitude, which - like most political platitudes - is completely worthless in the Real World.

    Social distancing? Yeah, go look it up. It was a high school science project - not a legitimate epidemiological response. Newer evidence confirms that COVID-19 requires extensive exposure to contract - not merely passing on the street.
    Self-quarantine? As many doctors have asked: why are we advocating quarantine for the healthy? It's absurd and it has actually led to a severe uptick in domestic abuse, rape, and suicide which no one talks about.
    Masks? Much bad information about masks, because they don't stop you from getting the disease. (Only the N-95 masks have the necessary filtration and they can't be worn for longer than two hours because they also restrict oxygen flow.) And many - especially these cloth masks which are ever-so-popular - have no scientific research indicating their effectiveness in preventing the transmission of a disease! And let's be real here: if you're sick, stay home!

    All of this was made abundantly clear when New York was forced to admit that 66% of their new patients had done all of these and still contracted the virus! Doh!

    I would like to suggest a different plan of action.
    1. Open all businesses immediately. Encourage business owners to know the facts regarding the virus but allow them to set policies for operations according to their own needs and the needs of their customers. It should be illegal for governors and mayors to be picking which businesses can or can not open - especially based on the bad information dominating the media.
    2. STOP focusing on the number of infections and concentrate on the number which really matters: hospitalizations. Why? Because it doesn't matter how many people get the disease; it matters how many people are in the hospitals being treated. For all the hype about "overwhelming the healthcare system" we haven't even come close. In fact, there have been numerous articles about how hospitals were furloughing staff - including nurses and doctors - because there was nothing for them do!
    3. STOP panicking over hypotheticals. So far, all the projections have been horribly wrong (two million dead in the US...?). Let's go with an objective view of the data - like what ffa has given us here (Thanks!). The reality is that schools will be just fine opening up in the fall (and never should have been closed in the first place). Students are the LEAST likely of any age group to end up in the hospital. A "second wave"? We're seeing an uptick in infections now, but not hospitalizations. (This also includes the hypotheticals involving vaccines in the next six months.)
    4. Treat this virus like chicken pox. Chicken pox in the young is trivial with an infinitesimal number experiencing hospitalization as a result. Yet those who do not build up an immunity while young (and this can unfortunately include those who get the chicken pox vaccine) and get it while 60+ experience the far more severe form: ricketts. Rickets is painful and can be life-threatening in the elderly.

    The similarities are obvious. Because the population endangered by COVID-19 is primarily the elderly - especially those in nursing homes or with preexisting conditions - the only way to protect those people is for everyone else to be immune so they aren't carrying it in - the so-called "herd immunity" theory. Lacking a vaccine, the best way to do this is to encourage those who are least likely to end up in the hospital to get the disease and get it over with. That's just about anyone under 30 and those who have a healthy immune system. (Side note, but that means that shutting down bars - where mostly 20-somethings congregate - and fitness clubs is exactly the WRONG thing to do.)

    My two cents.
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  • Posted by 8 months ago
    One additional key point was shown in the NYC data that I posted in another topic.
    (See )

    My observations:
    It displays that of the 15,230 deaths reported as having COVID at the time of death,
    only 0.7% of those deaths were in people that had no underlying medical conditions.

    So using both of the two vulnerabilities (age and medical conditions) as guides, the employers can take steps to protect those over 65 and those under 65 with medical conditions that make them vulnerable.
    I imagine that CNN, Yahoo, and MSN will respond with lawsuits about medical prejudice by employers - and as usual, the media will be irrational fools who cause death and destruction.
    Instead, they should take the rational approach of warning people about who is most vulnerable and advising the vulnerable as customers of businesses to take steps to protect themselves and how to limit their personal exposure.
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  • Posted by $ gharkness 8 months ago
    Thanks! Been looking for this myself. It's clear that those most at risk - in very large part - don't have jobs! So there's no need to shut down the economy. Should not have happened the first time.

    I think that one of the biggest mistakes in this entire fiasco is not separating out stats by age, AND not separating out stats by state for the purpose of determining response.

    The response in OK was no less than the response in NY, in large part, back when this all started, even though NY was a hotspot and OK never was. I think now states MAY be individualizing the response. I hope so. This is from our email update last Sunday:

    “Personal responsibility remains key in protecting yourself and our local communities from COVID-19. We continue to encourage Oklahomans to consider wearing a mask, to routinely wash hands, and to use physical distancing measures, which are recommendations set forth by the CDC,” says Commissioner Frye, “As a society, we face a delicate balance of creating a new normal that takes into account public health, mental health, and economic risks. It will take all of us working together, as one State, to overcome the many challenges COVID-19 presents until there is a widely available vaccine.”


    Honestly I am not sure there will ever be a vaccine, and I would be slow to adopt it in any case, but I am glad to see that (SO FAR) Oklahoma has not fallen to the "me-too"-ism of mandating masks just because all or most of the other states do.
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  • Posted by $ jbrenner 8 months ago
    Although about a month ago, the son of someone I knew got COVID (before being on a ventilator for 3 weeks), today is the first day that someone I know got COVID. He is about 30 years old.

    When you run scenarios on epidemics like COVID, you realize quickly how dramatically quickly situations can get out of control. I am not saying that we should panic, but this is no joke.
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    • Posted by TheOldMan 8 months ago
      Hopefully he survived being on a ventilator. The WSJ had a long article about ventilators a month or so ago.
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      • Posted by $ jbrenner 8 months ago
        The ventilator patient survived. Yes, thanks.

        However, the new COVID patient is not only a close friend, but one of his two roommates, both of whom are close friends of mine, is also an employee of mine who interacted this week with other employees of mine! All of them tested negative so far, but got re-tested today.
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  • Posted by lkparkerjr 8 months ago
    Would this country where is economically if for every epidemic or pandemic we closed up shop and hid in our homes? Feels more like the Dark Ages.

    The estimated (conservative) actual death rate is below 0.1% -- a bad Flu Season.

    You can thank the anti-Trump media and our gutless political leadership for all of this FEAR.

    Just as Rome fell, the U.S. experiment is failing (too much success breeds weakness and cowardice).
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  • Posted by Owlsrayne 8 months ago
    Thanks for the education everyone! The media and state and local governments haven't disseminated any of this information. I do agree with Janblacha that the political left would love to see 65 yrs old and above die of Covid19 since they have much of the younger people brainwashed towards Communism.
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  • Posted by $ Stormi 8 months ago
    I want to know how many in these grou[s were in a nursing home, where they would be if not physically fit. My husband, still working at 78 is type A, and I am type A, mid-seventires. We are out an about form day one, no masks, just fresh air. How many had preexisting conditions? The blood type observation came from China, not a study, at all. One would nave to comapre Scotland, where a majority of the population have type O, to see how they fared, as most US are type A or AB. I would like to see, intead of screaming new cases, which would be counted even if no symptoms, how many people have the antibody, test the whole population, so we know how many really had it, and came through it with little or no hospitalization. When Congressman Kennedy from the South said the other day he sometimes wears 2 maks, I was horrified, he is getting little oxygen, any germs from putting masks on or off, as there are, will be sucked in to his lungs!
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  • Posted by $ Ben_C 8 months ago
    One of my employee's husband a first responder. She tells me about the insane number of domestic violence calls he makes where often it is the death of the spouse. So much information the media is NOT reporting.
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  • Posted by NealS 8 months ago
    Got dirty looks this morning at coffee group mtg. Most of us didn't comply to WA State governor's (Inslee) edict to wear a mask in all indoor places again effective today (March 26, 2020). The market where we go offers free masks at the door and recommends everyone wear but did not insist. I just said I have a medical issue that prevents me from rebreathing some of my exhaled air, and they let me go through. The employee that served my coffee would not look at me, threw my change at me from about a foot from my opened palm. I told her I can't wear a mask, she replied in a tissy (sp) "I don't care, do what you want". It was obvious she was quite angry. One of the other members came in with his mask sticking out of his shirt pocket. She told him, "Well at least you have a mask, but you should wear it". I've had similar experiences with her before. Whatever happened to the customer is always right? We had another employee approach us with a thumbs up, stating they are required to wear a mask in there all the time, but supported our protest not to wear one. Store manager walked by and nodded `good morning' like he always does, no comment.
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