Why Liberals Think That Way In One Paragraph

Posted by Herb7734 4 years, 1 month ago to Philosophy
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After reading "The Fountainhead" at age 14 and later, "Atlas Shrugged" at age 20, I started wondering how anyone could think as they do. In Atlas, I got a pretty good idea as liberals put forth their ideas, and libs spewed on their bibs mucking up the world. As a teen, I thought I was insane. Surely the entire world couldn't be That crazy.Then came Atlas. Little by little understanding began to dawn upon me.I thought, "Thank God for that book." Then, I realized, God had nothing to do with it. I met a cartoonist (of all people) who was just too damned confident. Can't tell you his name, but you'd know it, I think. He was self-possessed, self sufficient, and totally independent. He annoyed the hell out of almost all the other cartoonists. Then, the pieces fell into place. He was obviously a grave danger to the system. And, so, here's the paragraph:
Liberals think that civil order cannot be sustained in a society populated by rugged individualists.The dependency of people was the source of the state's power, and if the state didn't have enormous power, progress could not be achieved or peace sustained in the streets.

If you truly believed that way and were sincere in that belief, you could see why you'd fight tooth ans nail against the individual. You'd see the individual as the source of all evil whereas in reality, it is exactly the opposite. I think this might give you an insight into the way the liberal world is totally screwed up..

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