IN THE MEME TYME: The Land of Noose and Statues EDITION, Racist Foods and Random Funnies.

Posted by $ Olduglycarl 2 months, 3 weeks ago to Humor
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Bubba must be putting Uncle Joemima syrup on his pancakes cause he ain't black to me.

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  • Posted by $ allosaur 2 months, 3 weeks ago
    Yesterday was a weird Saturday and me dino just plain forgot it wuz Memes Day.
    Me favorite is the statues fighting back. Wish they could. If I were a wizard who can animate them, I'd do it! That happened in a lot of Ray Harryhausen stop motion flicks usually with this or that actor playing Sinbad.
    The Bubba Wallace misadventure just proves there's all kinda sinister symbols of racism lurking everywhere in spite of the recent eliminating the integration of smiling blacks faces from grocery store products. Yeah, replace it all with Joemima Biden's smiling but stupid-looking face. Never show Obama's face anywhere ever again! Hey, come to think of it, all those chicken Schiff CEOs need to get all them suppressed black people off TV ads and even TV shows for that matter. Movies too! Remove them from sports! Especially basketball for looking reminiscent of slaves gathered to pick cotton. That'll big time solve the offensive racial divide!
    The Happy Meal meme brings back a memory.
    Back during the Nineties I had all my kids in the car when I was ordering them whatever they wanted to eat at home at the local McDonald's drive-thru intercom. We probably had a rented Blockbuster VHS to watch. Anyway, whenever the dude inside spoke, in the background I could hear some brat screaming, "WAH! I WANNA HAPPY MEAL! WAH! WAH! WANNA HAPPY MEAL! I WANNA HAPPY MEAL! WAAAAAH!"
    I told my kids that was why McDonald's called a Happy Meal a Happy Meal.
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  • Posted by BCRinFremont 2 months, 3 weeks ago
    In my day it was uphill to school both ways...
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    • Posted by $ 2 months, 3 weeks ago
      On the way to school I had to walk up one hill. On the way back, same road, I had to walk up two hills.
      So yes, my trek was up hill both ways.
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      • Posted by $ allosaur 2 months, 3 weeks ago
        Me old dino was born in Massachusetts but grew up in Alabama where I rode to school on a bike that had a metal wire basket for school books in front of the handlebars.
        Dad said I had it made because he had to walk miles to school through deep snow. My folks had photos of baby Dino playing in snow but I could not remember seeing any snow for then living 30 minutes from the Florida state line.
        My kids were always taken to school by car. Their mother insisted on it in a town beside Birmingham. I noticed there were no bicycle racks at their elementary school. I still never see close proximity little kids walking to school unless escorted by big kids.
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