America's Losing its Mind

Posted by Abaco 1 week, 6 days ago to Culture
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So...I try not to pay attention to the news. I just catch headlines that are force-fed to us via search engines and such. So...I'm getting a glimpse at the tips of the waves in what must be a sea of news insanity. In the past 24 hours I've seen some real crazy stuff. Yesterday morning I was sucked into reading the story about the NASCAR driver who had a noose in his garage. The story, by Yahoo, was that a 5-minute statement from the commissioner of the organization "wasn't enough" of a response to this victim. I was confused by this because I did see all the drivers and fans rally around this driver, push his car down the track, hug him and cry with him. The great Richard Petty embraced and supported him. I actually thought all of that was really great. But this Yahoo story covered this driver going on CNN and other stations talking about how some people were treating him like Jessie Smollett (sp?), etc. None of this was adding up for me. A statement from the NASCAR leader "not enough"..."Jessie Smollett"? There are loonies out there who'd say I was like Jessie Smollett! Who cares? Then I bumped into a good friend yesterday morning that said the "noose" was just a rope tied to pull down the garage door and that all the doors used a similar method, that this driver never actually saw the rope himself, etc... Um...What the hell is going on? If the info on the rope as my friend described it isn't any reporter who reports all that original "news" somewhat responsible? We saw that with Smollett, with Nick Sandman. I remember when the story of Nick Sandman "assaulting a native-American veteran" first hit I said "Wait a minute!" because they actually showed the footage in the news. They were showing one thing and saying something totally different. We all know how that panned out. As an Objectivist it's somewhat tough to see this stuff...disturbing.

Then this morning my wife relayed to me the news story of why they are renaming the Disney ride "Splash Mountain". Have you heard that one? I won't even explain it here. But, it's such a stretch in logic that I'm concerned with anybody that could think it up. I said earlier...What the hell is going on? It seems like society is twisting itself inside-out in some kind of self-sacrificial mental meltdown. I can't start to explain it to my kids without going into the topic of mental health. Let alone...all those who are, and will be real victims who's stories will be buried due to this kind of thing.

Strange days, my friends. Strange days...

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  • Posted by freedomforall 1 week, 6 days ago
    Lots of people who were never taught any rational thought process. The educational system that taught people prior to 1970 was transformed into a socialist propaganda tool. It and the popular media have been used to herd people like sheep and to discourage independent thought.
    I wonder if it's even possible to retrain them to think now. Many are as superstitious and anti-thought as serfs from the middle ages. That was the objective, in my opinion.
    This is the zombie apocalypse. The schools have made young people into unthinking zombies.
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  • Posted by Jkj7 1 week, 6 days ago
    ...ok, now I've been dragged into the web of the truly absurd. I must go off and figure out what is wrong with Splash Mountain...another diversion I did not need!!! ;)
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