The Problem with the George Floyd Case

Posted by Abaco 1 month, 1 week ago to Culture
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I'm sure you're probably familiar with it. Yet again, there's video of police, this time in Minneapolis, putting a black suspect into some position where they complain they can't breath - and then they die. I finally saw the video and I find it revolting that they'd treat a person like that. Let's not forget...they kill people of all different colors like this. The worst case I've ever heard of was Kelly Thomas and the Fullerton Police. That one was memorable...pivotal. You could say it really set the bar. No cop convicted. Same will happen here, I think.

Something is lost in these stories. What is lost is that these stories really are about the boot on the face of humanity (thank you George Orwell). These are stories of government force and brutality, even more than they are stories of race. I certainly think race plays a role. But...imagine the impact we we ALL came together, people of all different backgrounds, and protested. I don't see much of that. But, then again...the media sets the agenda. I think keeping us divided serves a few purposes. One of them is to lessen the backlash. I really feel for Mr. Floyd's family. Imagine how hard this is for them and their community.

I have seen cops get out of line in my life. First time was when they ganged up on a little white kid in a San Francisco club I was in and beat him up for no reason. I was a freshman in college then. I had three plain-clothes cops glaring at me in a restaurant that I took my family to. No reason. I was holding my 6-month old daughter in my arms and thought, "If these guys start trouble they're going to have their hands full." It wasn't until I left an saw their car out front that I realized they were cops. Just punks. Some sort of alpha male thing (I'm big, was pretty muscular then). Now, I teach my son to cooperate, be very nice, and just do what's necessary to get out of the situation. Don't give them a reason. They'll brutalize you and get away with it and they know it.

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  • Posted by freedomforall 1 month, 1 week ago
    Protest? Hitlery Clinton thinks that protesting is the same as "domestic terrorism" when they disagree with her perverse opinions.
    I think that is the attitude of the majority of "public servants" (elected AND appointed) in Washington DC. THEY have power over US, and they believe that gives them the right to punish us for their crimes.
    As for cops, I avoid "imperial entanglements" because the Just-Us system favors the servants over the people they are supposed to serve.
    imo, there is very little possibility of regaining our liberty peacefully and there are few younger than 40 that care enough to fight for liberty against the domestic oppressors.
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