I Shopped at the Atlas Store

Posted by $ MikeMarotta 11 months ago to Culture
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I work in an engineering office. We have our own corporate logo polo shirts. But we all wear other models from time to time -- project shirts, previous companies... So I bought three polo shirts for myself at the Atlas store: DAnconia Copper (circle), Taggart Transcontinetal (circle) and A=A.

I gave an Akston Diner mug to one of the engineers who knows the works of Ayn Rand and relates to them well. We agree on a lot about the "Rand fan" culture. He came to Ayn Rand by way of Rush. He meant the band. I thought he meant Rush Limbaugh... had me confused there ... But we straightened that out.

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  • Posted by $ Olduglycarl 10 months, 4 weeks ago
    Nice T.
    These days, I find myself in the Hospice suite jacket or...(dreaded) Scrubs...they deny the science that the virus is doomed when found on porous surfaces...so when I gub up the scrubs fixen an elevator they might leave me alone on their dress code.
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    • Posted by $ 10 months, 4 weeks ago
      You know, I heard about surfaces, never asked about why. I am still not clear on why. But I do accept the fact:
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      • Posted by $ Olduglycarl 10 months, 4 weeks ago
        That is exactly the first article I read and others are saying the same things...it doesn't like nooks and crannies...laughing.
        Maybe it has less of a chance to be transferred into a human body?
        It doesn't do well in saliva,doesn't do well in heat and humidity, (also think about behind your mask), and the sun?...taps
        On the beach in the summer, in the air...1.5 mins at best...in the presents of Far UV-C, (222nm)...seconds and yes, from what I gather from reading, Far UV-C does reach the surface of the earth.
        So, I kinda wonder about the chances of getting Covid 19 in the first place...it has to be really close and the recipient must be compromised in some way to even exhibit the least of symptoms.

        Not definitive but it's my take so far.

        Be Well, stay out of the house and get plenty of sunshine.
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  • Posted by $ Commander 11 months ago
    I wear my Galt Kickstarter T very often.
    I was challenged with a trite question one day: "So you put in your 5 bucks?"
    I replied: Does it matter the amount? That I have skin in the game is one thing. As to my intention, if I'd had the means, I'd have funded the entire project.

    A few years ago I offered The Objectivist's Ethics to a friend. A few days later he called: This is RUSH! I experienced the same confusion you did. I should've known better as not a weekend goes by without him donning a "band" shirt of some type.
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  • Posted by $ 11 months ago
    I have a few others: Two Taggart Transcontinental t-shirts, an Atlas Shrugged 50th Anniversary t, a 20th century t and the 20th century ballcap from the film, and a Utah Institute of Technology t-shirt. At a checkout, the cashier asked me if I majored in alternative energy. Pretty cool...
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