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Posted by Tavolino 9 months, 2 weeks ago to Politics
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With all that’s being exposed, not only with the immoral politicization of this horrible medical crisis, but also the revelations of the corruption and abuse of power of the deep bureaucratic state, this next election, and the following two terms, will determine the future of this great country. For all the never-Trumpers, the “ivory tower” Objectivists (not the real-world Objectivists), rinos, moderate democrats, and the undecided middle, the following may be enlightening. Many wonder who Ayn Rand would vote for if she were alive, and maybe the conclusion of her letter from Vol. 1, No. 24, 8/28/72, will possibly shed some light. Pay particular attention to her last paragraph.

"To the great credit of the American people, the polls taken immediately after the Democratic Convention showed a significant drop in McGovern’s popularity and a significant rise in Nixon’s. At this writing, Nixon leads by the enormous figure of 26%.

I am not an admirer of President Nixon, as my readers know. But I urge every able-minded voter, of any race, creed, color, age, sex, or political party, to vote for Nixon – as a matter of national emergency. This is no longer an issue of choosing the lesser of two commensurate evils. The choice is between a flawed candidate representing Western civilization – and the perfect candidate of its primordial enemies.

If there were some campaign organization called “Anti-Nixonites for Nixon,” it would name my position.

The worst thing said about Nixon is that he cannot be trusted, which is true: he cannot be trusted to save this country. But one thing is certain: McGovern can be trusted to destroy it."

Ayn Rand

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  • Posted by $ Commander 9 months, 2 weeks ago
    Although, what I am about to say has become very "grey", I have used as a fundamental guide to voting.

    It appears as a power and control difference between two parties. One party represents this through the big business of governments and the other through big business privatized. I can refuse the product or service of private business. I am compelled by force, through Law, to use the product or service of government and it's (grey) affiliation with big business.

    I don't trust President Trump. I think he illustrates The Peter Principle given the present conditions. I think, at present, he represents the best choice in staving off intrusions to personal freedom and liberty. The named participants do not concern me as much as those who are nameless, sequestered in anonymity, who are pulling the proverbial strings. More as an "Asimov; Foundation" anthology.
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  • Posted by PeterSmith 9 months, 2 weeks ago
    Except in this case Trump is the McGovern candidate only on a much worse scale.
    The intellectual bankruptcy of the conservative movement since they rejected Rand in favor of religious collectivism has now played out and they are both more left wing, more brazenly corrupt and more anti-American than most democrat candidates.
    I think Rand would be an anti-Biden for Biden.
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