Obama Golfs While the World Burns

Posted by chriwatkins 9 years, 6 months ago to Politics
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Hey, I like playing golf myself but that doesn't mean that I'm so narcissistic to not pack my clubs back in the trunk of my car and immediately leave the course if I got a phone call that one of my family members, ie. my wife, daughter or father has fallen ill.

Unfortunately, our entire country has fallen gravely ill and apparently our President seems to care less, being much more concerned about his golf game or picking college basketball brackets than the welfare of this nation. Indeed, he has become a modern-day Nero. Perhaps the country as well as the rest of the world be much better off if Barak Hussein Obama would have eschewed politics and pursued a career in the PGA though he would would most likely suck at it the same way he has sucked at every endevour he has attempted.

Atlas Shrugged was (and is) indeed a prophetic novel. I read it the first time as a teenager many moons ago hoping and praying that scenario Ayn Rand suggested would never manifest itself.

Sadly, it has...in spades.

For now, WHO IS JOHN GALT???

See ya soon.

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