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Posted by CaptainKirk 5 months, 2 weeks ago to Politics
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We've seen the videos, heard the news. I am pulling this from a ton of sources, and this is MY TAKE on the facts:
1) A virus was created to make it really infectious [NC & WuHan] Likely with Fauci $$$
2) China loses control of it, and the INSTANT they realize it's lab based, they go hard (Novel = No idea how bad)
3) Locking people in their homes was a key sign to me
4) USA realizes (based on arrests of scientists, and $$$, and Fauci statement) this could be BAD
5) POTENTIAL for Dengue Fever reaction to second exposure (you die from cytokine storm, 20% of the time)
6) Scientist Identify 4 Gain of Function (Not mutation, folks)
7) Trump shut down Flights from China. This can destroy the USA...
8) China acting even worse (buying MPE and shipping it back home)
At this point, a shutdown is a SAFETY Precaution. But huge mistakes about masks and gloves.
We should have had Public Service Announcements: (How to wash hands, put on/take off masks, when to put
gloves on and take them off. I use the from the car to the car, and that is all!) The video about how we BREATHE in this stuff...

We had VERY LITTLE knowledge, and very few lines of attack. We still have no idea the long term effects.
A couple of middle aged guys here in FL were told they will NEVER Scuba dive again because of the lung damage.
They are survivors, but damaged for life.
The US Military just said "ZERO Recruits who have had COVID-19"

One of the "inserts" appears to be from HIV-N1... It could be the part that leads to latency in expression!
So, 6 months from now, in Sweden, we could see EVERY senior citizen infected because of a latent re-activation.
(This is the core fear). I have NO SCIENCE to justify this. This is the land of retro-viruses, which I am not a fan of the science, but THEY make a compelling argument.

So, with that, I am MORE than willing to lock down. We paid $$$ to fly our daughter home early from Australia in March. A month before her scheduled return. As Trump was talking about stopping people from returning. We quarantined with her for 14 days, and are pretty confident she was never exposed. (She has a history of Asthma and Allergies).

AFTER THAT... It has been a SHIT SHOW of the highest order.
There is NO Map showing which hospitals are overwhelmed. Project Veritas confirmed ONE testing place sent their employees in their cars to get in line, to make the place look busy, to get more govt $$$. I believe CBS/NBC have confirmed and changed the story or pulled it. They got it wrong. They sold the hype.

The chasing of ventilators, the knocking of HCQ (over 2,000 doctors worldwide are reporting AMAZING success, but all we get to hear about is Remdezivir, which doesn't appear to reduce DEATH... LOL, but it will be promoted. Good people like Scott Adams says HCQ probably doesn't work because we are not hearing more about it's successes. YESTERDAY He realized that "News is the marketing arm for the Rx Companies!", and STILL held back on realizing HCQ reporting is being squashed (Why do you thing the FDA/CDC reported negative things about HCQ... To give editors COVER for burying the stories!).

The lack of EDUCATION of the American people with this breathless coverage.
Testing for Active Infection can fail because NOT ENOUGH Virus is swabbed (False Negative)
Also it can fail because the person is no longer infected, but they have BROKEN (killed) virus particles, which RT-PCR will FALSELY identify as a positive... It's what PCR does... Finds Pieces it replicates. Assumes the whole (If you find 3 tires, a muffler, an engine and a car body, then a CAR must be there. Doesn't matter if they are not from the same model/make!)

Blood tests will test for antibodies. You may not show them for 5-7 days after getting over the disease.
This is why the DEMS want testing. It's inaccurate, expensive, and keeps people on the sidelines.

Real people are getting REALLY sick. But mostly because they are unhealthy, and probably from the previous vaccines that have permanently damaged their immune systems, accidentally, I believe. Mentioned in Dr. Mikovitz book, Plague.

So, after all these weeks, people still don't know how to wear a mask, or when (Not alone in your car, MORONS).
That they need MORE vitamin D than ever! (I've attached a graph showing 6-7 TIMES more deaths if you are low in Vitamin D). But this will NOT be honestly discussed in media/news (It goes against Rx drugs, and people will realize that what they are EATING is lowering the vitamin D [I am proof of this, as mine went up when I went carnivore, cut out processed foods])

But the shutdown was to NOT overwhelm our medical system. Now my nurse friends are having their hours/pay cut!

So, we should get back to work. And the PERCENTAGE of overwhelm of the medical system should determine IF or WHEN we have to calm down. Wear masks for now, IMO. I've stopped wearing gloves in the stores. I am far less afraid of this.

But when ANY county gets to 75% of their capacity we clamp down a bit. We ASK people to avoid groups and wear masks and gloves when out, as it drops down to 50% we relax the gloves and groups. Below 10% we take the masks off.

WHY can't it be that simple? We have ONE goal. To not overwhelm the medical system (which is county based). And just because ONE county is down, doesn't mean EVERY county should be down.

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  • Posted by Lucky 5 months, 2 weeks ago
    Captn Kirk, thanks for that, obviously you put a lot of work into it.
    Points 1) to 8) yes to all, agrees with what I see elsewhere that has credibility.

    Wearing masks- if you are in a region badly hit, the big metro areas, wear a mask. Clean/wash if cleanable, if not dispose of after use. Put it on carefully, take it off carefully, this may mean that you wear it when driving to be ready for a crowded area later. When putting on, do not touch the inside, when taking off do not the filter anywhere.
    If I lived in NY, I would wear a mask even indoors maybe. But I don't). This personal space, 1.5m or 5-6ft, is definitely a good precaution. (Eat more garlic!)

    Gloves, no. I believe getting on hands is harmless, but do not touch your face- nose mouth especially, wash hands often, soap helps to get off, hand-wash at 70% alcohol is good.

    Remdvezir- big hype, massive money, recent test shows it may work but barely, mentioned by Trump after that test result came out!

    HCQ, it works as precaution as well as cure, but not on serious far gone cases. If you can get it, use it. Caution about high doses and long term, some heart rhythm risk. There are three different mechanisms proposed as to how it works, one is that it opens the virus and allows zinc in, the zinc destroys the mechanism, so take a zinc supplement. Zinc and vit D, easy to get, not expensive, there are danger levels but well above what you take as a dose.
    (ffa says vit D at 10,000 IU per day, this may be the upper limit).

    Universal lack of precautions, knowledge, dissemination of what info is available -agree, all poor.
    There are some exceptions- Taiwan. paranoid about China, ignored by WHO, so they are their own and used own initiative. They were also prepared. Very prompt border closing. Little (if any lockdown?).
    Question, if you should have closed borders fast, but did not, then what do you do? I think shutdown is right, but as you say by region, eg NY City yes.

    Here is something to look up- Quercetin as a zinc ionophore.
    Usual disclaimers. Thanks to others on here whose info I have pilched.
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  • Posted by term2 5 months, 1 week ago
    Vaccines for respiratory viruses arent very effective and will take a long time to design and test. Herd immunity is the only way viruses are stopped, and staying home for the people who have good immune systems and would survive earily being infected will just prolong the pandemic.

    Open the economy completely and NOW. Older and sicker people should stay home and be careful, but the rest of us should get back to work
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  • Posted by Owlsrayne 5 months, 1 week ago
    Great summary Capt. Masks are still at a premium, so reuse is problematic. Waiting on a new sewing machine to make masks (my mother taught me when I was a teenager). Now I'm waiting to hear or read when there will be a large outbreak of Covid 19 in the daytrippers congregating in large groups not wearing any PPE coming here to escape the big cities.
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    • Posted by 5 months, 1 week ago
      Lookup the pattern for the Olsen Mask.
      Try to locate the Blue Shop Towels you can use as a filter, in the mean time. That's if you care that much.

      I made about 10 of them, I keep 2 in the car, I reuse them a couple of times (usually the same day), and then I wash them.

      The point on the mask is that it simply REDUCES the amount of innoculum you get hit with. It keeps you SAFER (not safe), because if you start with 1 microbe vs. 1 BILLION, your body gets time to respond...

      Having that sewing machine... What a gift. Because I taught my daughter to sew, making new Valances for her bedroom (as opposed to buying)... Just teaching her how to mentally unfold the ones she had so she could recreate the folding pattern... When the lightbulb goes on... Then she realized that the sewing was kinda boring... YEP! LOL.

      Be safe!
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  • Posted by freedomforall 5 months, 2 weeks ago
    Thanks for a good summary. Hopefully others have more to add, too.
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    • Posted by 5 months, 2 weeks ago
      Absolutely. When it was about the greater good, we rose to the challenge. The government, I feel, had a LOT they could not tell us. They are slowly letting it leak out. (Much like the malfeasance in the Flynn Case), so people can breathe a huge sigh of relief.

      But the Nasty Dems see their chance and want to become the very thing they accused Trump of (Dictatorship).

      So, yes, I would love to hear how people feel about doing the entire thing by county. And even reporting by county.

      Heck, I have even agreed to allow my Oura ring to send data into a study. It's supposed to be anonymous, but honestly, they can have my temperature, and my notes on how I feel...

      IMAGINE if we could go to a website that showed the counties color-coded for how they are doing, how overwhelmed their hospitals are, etc, as a picture on the map. Then replace it with Fevers, above/below normal for this time of year.

      If it was me, I would be able to text "hospital for covid with HCQ protocols"... And it would find the ones closest to me, that match, and indicate how full they are!

      This is really an INFORMATION problem disguised as a medical problem!
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      • Posted by freedomforall 5 months, 2 weeks ago
        We are getting to the point where technology can help provide a lot better data and keeping it anonymous will be critical (and, I suspect, very difficult.)
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        • Posted by 5 months, 2 weeks ago
          The only time it becomes "non-private" is when there is $$$ searching for the data, usually to SELL something, or to evaluate risk.

          In this case, the "Selling" happens up front, using tech to record temperatures and forward them in.

          But, yeah, I don't want insurance companies able to buy this stuff!
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