Intolerable: The Path To Capitalism

Posted by Herb7734 4 years, 1 month ago to Politics
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I wrote a few days ago, that the only way Trump haters could stop the zooming economy was to create a national crisis.Hence, we have the Corona Virus pandemic. An illness which has broughtthe greatest economy in historyto a roaring stop.It's way too coincidental that the worldthrough the leadership of a loud-mouthed Queens real estate developer turned the USA and subsequently , the entire world into such prosperity as was only dreamed of in the past, simply by applying a few rules of capitalism.This could not be tolerated by the deep state on the left, not to mention those who wanted to retain their power on the right. With the pandemic came a shut-down of the economy and the power of economic control back into the hands of the lower I.Q.government officials. When the people prosper the gream rises to the top. The best workers get the best jobs and government help becomes less and less needed until they are not needed at all, which strangely enough seems to be the ultimate aim of AOC .Which leads us to the question whether or not we actually need "sequestering."The entire country of Sweden didn't sequester. Allowing for proportion differences, What was the outcome in comparison to the world now under government control? The answer to that is that there was no notable difference. In other words,the world would stay pretty much the same, the economy would keep on roaring and jobs would keep accruing and at some people of varying ages, as it turns out, would die from the pandemic's effects.In more other words, all the sequestering has done is to put "elites" firmly in power.

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