Hi. My name is...Sheela Monroe

Posted by SheelaVegas 2 months ago to The Gulch: Introductions
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I'm very happy to have landed in the Gulch...I've been looking for you for a long time...since 1977 when I read AS for the 1st time (in 2 days). Follower of Ayn Rand since then and all freedom-oriented writers, statesmen, philosophers and Americans.

Happily self-employed and willing to relocate here if you'll have me. Lots of skills to offer.


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  • Posted by $ Commander 1 month ago
    Welcome Sheela. This is not the Gulch of Atlas yet has some profound participants. Four years after Atlas was released Ayn Rand spoke at UW Madison. The Objectivist's Ethics is a simplicity beyond the complexity ....22 pages. I think it is the most profound document in human history. If you read this and have questions or insights to share I'd like to hear.
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