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Year 1937 approx. Britain's MI6 found out about the big German submarine building program.
Deep state suits suppressed this news as it was not what the then government appeasers wanted to hear.

3-Jan-1940 FDR addresses Congress pledging to keep the United States out of the war.

22-June-1941 Operation Barbarossa. Hitler invades USSR.

7-December-1941 Pearl Harbor.

The intriguing case of Kilsoo Haan, Japanese American, Korean ethnicity. Korea had been annexed by Japan in 1910 with US encouragement.
On 3-Dec-1941 Haan was in a Chinese restaurant. At the next table there were two men, a Japanese and a Chinese. After the Japanese left the Chinese confided to Haan that the man had been from the Japanese embassy and was trying to sell consulate cars at very low prices. They were being sold off cheaply, he said, because "all the embassy staff were about to return to Japan soon."
Haan informed the State Dept.
On 11-Dec-1941 State warned Haan to keep quite or he would be put away.

This was one among many pieces of intelligence Haan passed on, he was generally ignored. Haan was an agitator against Japan and communism. He had no high-level informants within the Japanese legation in Hawaii or Washington, DC, he had not broken Tokyo's secret codes and was not surreptitiously accessing the diplomatic pouch.
Instead, he had a network of Koreans in low-level positions in Japan and its overseas possessions. With news from factory workers, drivers and port workers he pieced together the big picture that State was not seeing. (Or did they look only with a blind eye?)

In 2004 a film drama on Kilsoo Haan was made in Korea.

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  • Posted by $ 25n56il4 6 months, 3 weeks ago
    There are so many stories about WWII. One I heard recently was the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor because the U. S. had cut off supplying them with weapons. Also that Churchill and Roosevelt knew all about it beforehand.
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    • Posted by 6 months, 3 weeks ago
      So many stories, so many interpretations, so many conspiracy theories.
      By the way, what is a 'conspiracy theory'?
      I use the term myself, I think it makes me sound responsible and knowledgeable. The problem is, one or two have come out to be right.
      Recall Cassandra from ancient Greece, the prophetess who was always right, but never believed.

      I suppose that chap Kilsoo Haan is in that group, he had good contacts, made clever assessments, hindsight shows he was more right than wrong, but his conclusions were not accepted.
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