The Courage To Trust Life

Posted by Herb7734 3 years, 9 months ago to Philosophy
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Nothing always works. Once a person is aware of that, a person is on the way to being able to trust life.I'm sure that you have come across people who are always complaining, are full of excuses, and have a reason for every failure. In the long run, these people are very self-motivated -- to fail. I know intimately about such folks as I was once one of them. Oh yes, I had studied all of Rand's pronouncements and literature, and was an avid reader of, not only her books, both fiction and polemics, but somehow, I could never seem to get things to work for me like I felt they should. It was at about that time that I went into business with my son.At first, I was amazed at the way he did things. When he got an idea that he liked, he immediately implemented it, even if the odds were 50-50 that the chances of failure were as great as the chances of success. My first thought was always, "what if you failed?" His first thought was always "This is going to be very big." And yes, sometimes he failed, but when he did, he wasn't all that happy about it, but he already had several other projects that he could put greater attention to. I began to realize that While I was devoted to Rand's philosophy, I failed to have the one component that would put all the good stuff that I had learned to work. What was that wondrous feature that my son had, that I didn't? After much though, I realized it was.....courage! Now, having courage didn't mean becoming a fool. There were always precautions when investing, whether in yourself or anyone or anything else.Sonny could throw a giant sized fit when one of his "great" ideas didn't work. But before he gave up on it, he'd look at what caused the stymie and worked on figuring out ways to go over, under, around, and through it. If after that, it still didn't work, then onward and upward to the next thing, or making a greater effort on something that wasn't performing as well as it should. It was then that I realized that I hadn't been working for quite some tome. I was actually having fun. I had shed my fear of losing, and my ability to relax and enjoy myself was in direct proportion to my ability to to trust life.

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