Aphorisms In Current Events

Posted by Herb7734 1 year ago to Humor
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Most politicians fail to realize that you cannot control without being controlled.
No matter how much she denies it, what Nancy Pelosi says is exactly what she intended to say. Most Democrat lives are about proving something, either to themselves or to the rest of us.
What the Democrats don't understand about Trump is that as an enemy he might become your friend, if you allow him to be who he is.. Never agree to an opposing philosophy because if you allow yourself to put up with it, that is exactly what you will have. Impeachments are final long before they are sent to the Senate.

In politics there is no right or wrong, only consequences.
I think that the Democrats fear the very thing they want the most.

Advice to Adam Schiff : You have made yourself important, notice you're not important.

Finally: What The Democrats Have Never Understood: Any system that takes responsibility away from people, dehumanizes them.

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  • Posted by exceller 1 year ago
    "Most Democrat lives are about proving something,"

    You are affording too much credit to their motivations, Herb.

    I am convinced through evidence that Dems possess no such promise, unless you mean them proving their hatred for America and to get wealthy in the process. That is the job description of a Dem.

    As you move to Schitty: he wants to be relevant but his actions brought the opposite result. He has no credibility left but of course he'll be able to collect his pension.
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  • Posted by $ Olduglycarl 1 year ago
    That's right...take away the ability to respond differently and what you get is a parasitical humanoid.
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    • Posted by 1 year ago
      I think that the Dems have made themselves so obviously horrid, that even other Dems are beginning to become disgusted.
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      • Posted by $ allosaur 1 year ago
        Don't know if this is really true, but I heard the other night with Fox News on that 20% or 25% of people showing up at Trump rallies are Democrats (maybe now independent former Democrats) who evidently do not want to go down the socialist path..
        These people are allegedly talked to by some somebodies before they go inside or get stuck outside to watch Trump on huge TV screens.
        No Jackass Party candidates can come anywhere close to raising the kind of crowds who go to Trump rallies.
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        • Posted by mccannon01 1 year ago
          Right on, Dino! The attendance at the Trump rallies, especially the overflow outside regardless of weather conditions, are the main reasons I think polls showing a close race or even Trump losing are full of Schiff.
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          • Posted by exceller 1 year ago
            The electricity at Trump rallies tells all.

            His rallies now are even more energized than during his candidacy. That is what scares the left to death and the reason they gave for his impeachment b/c they knew he would be re elected. They spun it by saying that he would be re elected by outside help again, but they had to say something that the sheeple would buy.

            Compare the Dem candidates "rallies" to those of Trump's. A snooze affair.
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