Ayn Rand Quoted on the Radio This Morning

Posted by $ Abaco 1 year, 5 months ago to Entertainment
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We have a couple local talk show guys who got syndicated a few years back - and you might know of them where you're at. Armstrong & Getty(sp?). I, and the guys I work with, all like their morning talk show. This morning when I was driving in to work (at 6:15) they announced they had an Ayn Rand quote. Started with, "I know Ayn Rand is over the top sometimes, but so was Thomas Jefferson - and he wrote the Declaration of Independence!" Anyway...They read the quote from Francisco about how you know the end is near when you have to ask permission to produce from people who've produced nothing, etc. I remember when I read that the first time and shared it with some people close to me. It's a fantastic quote that has stood the test of time very well.

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  • Posted by CircuitGuy 1 year, 5 months ago
    I just looked it up. It's a nationally syndicated show with humor mixed with libertarian commentary.

    I don't think Rand is over-the-top, although her fans sometimes are over-the-top, sometimes taking away the exact opposite from what I got. So it's good they put the qualifier in. People can read it and form their own opinions.

    There's a national liberty-oriented comedy talk show for a mainstream audience!? I don't get why anyone thinks the world is going to worms.
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    • Posted by $ 1 year, 5 months ago
      Yeah, these guys have a pretty entertaining show. Sounds like what I'd sound like talking with a friend while going over headlines. The people are hungry for this kind of thing - funny, fairly libertarian guys making fun of current events. They've been on the air here a long time and have managed to stay the course with their program, and have a pretty strong following.
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