Hi. My name is Alec Tucker

Posted by AlecTucker 1 year, 7 months ago to The Gulch: Introductions
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The flight here was long and arduous, as I no doubt expect the work here to be as well.

My chosen purpose in life is to make music that inspires, moves, and revolutionizes individuals, communities, and nations.

The only reason I am here is to establish myself as an Objectivist, and to touch base with other living, breathing objectivists who can stand accountable for their works and deeds in life.

I tended to drift in my youth. This has been my greatest weakness in life. When Ayn Rand implores us to ask, not who will help you, but who will stand in your way... the answer, for me at least, has always been myself. I am the one who drifted. I am the one responsible for my failures and successes in life. I will make choices in the future that increase my odds at success and diminish my odds at failure. Thus my drifting habit will be eliminated, as it largely has already.

If you have interest in following me and my work, the following are my socials:

instagram: @blind_psy
youtube: Blind Psychics
twitter: @blindpsychics; @alectucker
snapchat: blindpsychics
Also you may email me at blindpsychics@gmail.com

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