Treason Acts committed by our Representatives

Posted by NealS 9 months, 3 weeks ago to Politics
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Rose McGowan, “the former “Charmed” actress, 46, told the country of Iran in a tweet that the United States had “disrespected” the embattled nation and writing, Iran “Please do not kill us.”
"Dear #Iran, The USA has disrespected your country, your flag, your people. 52% of us humbly apologize. We want peace with your nation. We are being held hostage by a terrorist regime. We do not know how to escape. Please do not kill us. #Soleimani," she tweeted at around 1 a.m. on Friday.”

We’ve been at an unannounced, or unlegalized (lacking congressional approval or declaration), stage of war against Iran for a very long time. If we actually “declared war” against Iran, would that make Rose McGowan a traitor by her comments, colluding with the enemy, and chargeable under our laws on treason? Might the laws on treason also then be applicable to many members of our Congress (and others) as well? More of our government representatives seem to be moving towards these acts of treason in my mind. Should we not more aggressively call them out for it? My thoughts are triggered from my combat experience in Vietnam, and the Jane Fonda’s, John Kerry’s, and even most of the main stream media’s participation in treasonous acts against me and those of us that were sent over there by our representatives. And I could include the reaction to military personnel upon returning home.

By definition from Google, “The United States never officially declared war on North or South Vietnam, but it is difficult to claim that Vietnam was not a war. Fierce fighting took place, resulting in the death of approximately 57,000 (over 58479 now) Americans.” This does not include some 150,000 Americans injured or those still missing in action.

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