5 Reasons Why People Love Cancel Culture

Posted by Solver 2 years, 5 months ago to Culture
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Imagine the kind of person you become when your accept and run with the programming that when one person gains another person must lose.

Short summary:

“#1...For social strivers, cancel culture has created new opportunities to move up by taking others down.“

“#2... One approach to elevation is to do something good. But doing something good requires effort and the possibility of failure. Fortunately, another option exists: Broadcasting the bad behavior of others.”

“#3...People join in broadcasting the misdeeds of others because it is more fun for them. It offers status and social solidarity at little cost. Even if the group is unsuccessful at canceling someone, the failure presents additional opportunities for both status and bonding.”

“#4...Rallying around a morally ambiguous transgression and seeing how people react permits the recruitment of assenters and the targeting of dissenters.”

“#5...The social rewards are immediate and gratifying and the dangers too distant and abstract. “You could be next” does not compute for most people. It’s just a set of words.”


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