5-D Chess?

Posted by Pecuniology 4 years, 8 months ago to Politics
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We cannot read minds, and we are dealing with magicians, by which I mean: individuals who lie for a living. All we can do is observe perceptual phenomena and interpret them with reason, in order to divine the underlying metaphysical reality indirectly.

In that spirit:

What if Nancy Pelosi were giving Adam Schiff enough rope to hang himself as a way of "killing a chicken to scare the monkeys" in her party?


This week's impeachment festivities could be—at least in part—Pelosi's sacrificing a bishop, by letting him hoist himself on his own petard, as her way of sending a signal to the Democratic National Socialists, who have set a course to destroy the Democrat Party, that she and the party leadership will grind them into free-range dog meat, if they do not toe the line. She might suffer from early-onset dementia—or not, who knows with career politicians?—but she clearly is not an idiot, and she clearly has wicked political survival skills.

Speaking of wicked political survival skills:


For all we know, Orange Man told Kim, Putin, and Xi during their private meetings to watch how he handles his enemies back home, in order to decide if they can trust him enough to do business with him.

If I were a betting man—and I am not, especially across state lines over wired communication links—I'd wager that Trump, Kim, Putin, and Xi will take us all to the brink of WWIII over the next five years and then pull back at the last minute in such a way that each of them looks like a hero to his domestic constituents. Maybe they'll share a Nobel Peace Prize.

Even if not, we're all being played... every effing day.

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