Objectivism is NOT a political philosophy.

Posted by jmlesniewski 8 years, 1 month ago to Philosophy
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Politics are an APPLICATION of philosophy. Rand herself didn't even go into much detail on how to run a government.

It is important to remember to keep metaphysics, epistemology, and ethics as the primaries when conceptualizing Objectivism to yourself.

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  • Posted by no1laserjock 8 years, 1 month ago
    Are you feeling the self appointed guardians of the status quo yet around here?

    I am posting this to be certain I get more thumbs down to really put a fine point on the censorship and self-appointed thought police here. Independent thought is not allowed here:


    Ayn Rand is NOT to be challenged!

    I know that she never went into much detail as to exactly how we will implement capitalism politically, but boy does she ever try to shore it up as an absolute!:

    “capitalism is the only system geared to the life of a rational being and the only moral politico-economic system in history”

    That is quite a claim...

    I think I completely debunked this in my buried post: Is capitalism really the ONLY economic system proper to man? I had some pretty good challenges which ended up in appeals to history and the thought terminating cliche "Who's your authority!?" ...My own mind and judgement.

    It is clear the argument is a religious one not a metaphysical one hence the emotionalism, censorship and suppression.

    Don't answer their questions. You will never have the right answer unless you regurgitate her prose verbatim, devoid of any independent idea.


    I think I get where your coming from though, Objectivism is certainly being used as a negative for political manipulation by the Left as the "evil philosophy that promotes capitalism". It is absolutely politically identified with "Greed".

    The Objectivist Capitalistic psycho-epistemology appears to boils down to a child-like mentality: "But I want THAT one! I don't care what it is because I want it! I have an automatic right to it, because I thought of it! and I'll justify it by making it ok for others to also irrationally want it and compete for it." Great! they've set up property collision which always has and always will result in WAR. Doesn't get more political than that...

    The only property that you can ever own is your body and an idea.

    Regardless, Ayn Rands fantastical idealization of "capitalism" can not be reached until the emotional mind has been controlled. Practicing Objectivism ONLY effects frontal lobes consciousness. It is meaningless to
    the reptilian Cerebellum, the mammalian mid-brain and the primate cerebral cortex, which has massive influence on our intellectual actions.

    Reversing this, i.e. "pull yourself up by your objective bootstraps" is an epic fail. Brain and mental disorders don't respond to reason!

    Emotions are far more complex than "responses to value judgements".

    Thanks for the thumbs down!
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    • Posted by $ 8 years, 1 month ago
      If this response is in any way representative of your posting content, it's no surprise you gen thumbs down. Within it you:

      -Insituate I am treating Ayn Rand as infallible. If you understand philosophy on the level you claim you do, then you would know I was distinguishing between philosophy and applications of philosophy in my first sentence then discussing how Ayn Rand applied her philosophy in my second sentence. The point being she had no specific applications HERSELF so there is no "gospel" of Objectivist politics (or Objectivism in general. I actually disagree with many of Ayn Rand's applications of Objectivism.)

      -Making a sweeping statement about the philosophy of property without backing it up.

      -Assert biological determinism in the realm of psychology, something that is completely unproven.

      -Attempt to make this thread about your theory on philosophy and capitalism. First, capitalism is an economic theory not a political system. Second, I have no problem with anyone seeking to apply Objectivism in new ways. However, Objectivism is a thing. It exists. So to apply Objectivism you must know it and recount it correctly. (I'm using the general you in my last sentence. I am not addressing your understanding and recounting of Objectivism specifically.)
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