“Islam Is Right About Women“ ?

Posted by $ Solver 5 months, 1 week ago to Philosophy
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It’s a simple statement that can cause severe cognitive dissonance in those faithful to the church of woke.


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  • Posted by $ Olduglycarl 5 months ago
    Laughing, one cannot make a judgement about the phrase until we find out exactly What islam is right about in reference to women...the phrase gives us no clue...it's open ended but it's funny how people do see things with an ideological lens and Funny that they betray that lens in this case.

    That is a major clue we should take note of in relation to the present state of the culture.

    I am reminded of my Mother-in-law...LMAO
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    • Posted by $ Stormi 5 months ago
      It cannot be right in any sense, as to say it, puts women in as a collective not as individuals. It is philosophically impossible to prove. That is what is wrong with all the squad members, who tend to see only women of color or race, not any individuals. I can see that it seems possible to Muslims, however, as when I was the only female for a semester in a a class with all Saudi males, except two white guys who did not want to be there, they were in shock when I spoke up during discussions, and knew the subject matter better than they did.
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  • Posted by TheRealBill 5 months ago
    This is a right proper troll. I love how they aren’t sure if it is hate speech or free speech. Mostly because to call it hate speech then brings the conflict into focus by begging the question “against whom is is hateful”.

    To say it is against Islamist followers is to say that what Islam is “right about women” is bad. To say that it is against women is to say ... the same thing!

    At least, for those who lack the ability to see the nuance that it gets the basics right, but then goes off the deep end on treatment and mandates.
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  • Posted by $ brightwriter 5 months ago
    No leftist politically correct person can agree or disagree with that statement without offending some protected class. The least self-destructive reply a leftist can make to such an inquiry is some variant of, “What is the context?” That reply proves that, to whoever makes it, truth is relative. That attitude is not compatible with rational voting and needs to be exposed as such.
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  • Posted by term2 5 months ago
    Except for some thoughts about fiscal responsibility, I cant think of a single thing Islam is "right about" Its a horrible and intolerant religion
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  • Posted by $ blarman 5 months ago
    The left's cognitive dissonance with respect to Islam is legendary. They love the control that the imams have over the followers of Islam as well as the ideology which tacitly excuses violence and predation upon the non-believer. It's the perfect model for their notion of a one-world government. There's just one little problem - in that very same ideology it completely destroys and notion of equality for women, tolerance for LGBT, and most of the other "woke" notions. To me, the left's embrace and defense of Islam is just one more example of the total lack of ideas. It smacks of desperation.

    Can't wait to see what they do when Islam rises up in Europe and decides to just kill all the remaining infidels in those nations. Will the leftists finally realize the monster they have supported all this time? Not likely. They'll be parted from their heads before they actually think about using them.
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