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Thinkspot is a free market based idea by Jordan Peterson to encourage free speech and diversity of thought that so many large social media companies are censoring. It's hard to solve problems when people are scared to even talk about them.

Now in public beta, with over 250,000 users on the waiting list, the thinkspot is allowing about 1500 additional beta users per week based on how early they signed up at,

When you successfully enter thinkspot, you are greeted with,

"Welcome to thinkspot!
Our mission seeks to establish an ecosystem that acknowledges complexity, respects diversity of thought, and challenges ideological assumptions. While our team has worked diligently to build this space, it is your hands that will ultimately shape the development and character of this community. As you begin to traverse the site, please reflect on what you hope to gain and contribute during your time on thinkspot."

There are still some bugs to work out and the payment system was just activated for public beta users. But, thinkspot is coming soon.

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  • Posted by 2 years, 6 months ago
    “Free Speech Statement

    At thinkspot, we believe the lifeblood of democracy is ensconced in ideas and the uninhibited articulation of thought. Free expression is crucial to a healthy democracy and we are determined to preserve the free exchange of ideas that foster the search for truth.

    The internet was supposed to democratize knowledge and improve our civil discourse however in this moment, the digital public square has been monopolized by a handful of media giants that wield consequential power over our civil discourse. They exert their power arbitrarily and restrictively while attempting to appease a mass audience resulting in deplatforming, demonetizing, and incentivizing mob behavior. The unintended casualty is respectful discourse.

    At thinkspot, we believe great conversations happen when curation meets free expression and our mission is to promote an open exchange of ideas and thoughtful discourse amongst some of today’s leading thinkers. By providing a platform that encourages and incentivizes respectful discourse around a curated collection of content from thought leaders across varied fields, we seek to develop a niche online community that allows users to challenge their perspectives and incite discovery of interesting and informed viewpoints from some of the world’s greatest minds.

    The ethos of our mission derives from a deep reverence for the First Amendment, and the platform’s Terms of Use and policies reflect this. We believe in the power of competing ideas, and the imperative of an open and transparent space to facilitate discourse without pressures from mainstream media, arbitrary corporate terms of service, special interest groups, and advertiser pressure. From our platforms’ inception, thinkspot will advocate for these principles by protecting ideas those ideas which fall under the First Amendment and refuse to succumb to outside pressures that seek to limit free speech which abide by U.S. law. We prioritize and promote fair representation across the entire ideological spectrum, and seek to foster an environment that can help to transcend ideological fault lines.

    This is thinkspot. Ideas Live Here.”
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  • Posted by 2 years, 7 months ago
    I can answer some questions anyone here may have. Questions that are being asked, compliments and complaints are influencing how thinkspot will look and operate when released to the open public.

    Now that the public beta has opened, the floodgates about thinkspot should start opening as well. Will most of the reviews and comments be unbelievably positive, will there be mobs of coordinated emotional attacks using ridiculous accusations, or will thinkspot receive a truthful, fair and balanced response so it can grow and develop as a successful diversity of thought media site?
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