Some highlights of the Democratic Socialist convention

Posted by $ Solver 11 months, 1 week ago to Politics
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No words can quite describe it, but Matt Christiansen tries. You actually have to see a video to believe what occurs at these events.
The video below shows some of the bizarre convention highlights with reactions of disbelief from Matt Christiansen.

These are actually people doing anything necessary, fighting to take power, intending to collectively control all means of production for everyone.

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  • Posted by mia767ca 11 months ago
    it was the COMMUNIST_FASCIST democratic socialist convention...always refer to them as pisses them off, but accurately identifies them...and it carries a negative connotation for those who think socialism is ok
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  • Posted by $ allosaur 11 months ago
    What a bunch of neurotic wimps out to rule the world as proverbial inmates running an asylum. Me dino kept thinking of characters played by Woody Allen.
    Would love to see each in an officer's uniform working the cell block of a prison. Why am I suddenly thinking of New York cops getting water dumped on them?
    Heard that first part of Solver's linked video yesterday on Rush Limbaugh's radio show.
    Rush supposed Putin would laugh at all those dinky little twits before sending in thugs to beat them all up.
    Me old dino growing up never imagined so many descendants of our Greatest Generation, who sacrificed blood, sweat, tears and their very lives to save us from Nazi and Imperial Japanese domination, devolving into so many little snot crybaby slaves of socialist group think.
    Excuse me, myself and I the old dino while me, myself and I takes a deep breath so to go deescalate myself in a safe space.
    Should me, myself and I actually find one of those, count on me dino to "desecrate" that space with the graffiti of old time American patriotic slogans so to cause o so fragile socialist snits who may enter to o so quickly flee screaming in horror.
    Such would create potentially great YouTube videos until the YouTube Thought Police shuts them down.
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