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  • Posted by Dobrien 11 months, 2 weeks ago
    Hello N,
    Los Angelos Sheriff dept What a cesspool.
    A group of tattooed male deputies with the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department who called themselves the "Banditos" allegedly sexually harassed female trainees and demanded sexual ..
    That in 2014. This from a month ago
    Deputy gangs are facing renewed scrutiny at the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department as the district attorney weighs potential criminal charges against members of the Banditos, a gang or clique that operates out of the East Los Angeles patrol station.

    Sheriff Alex Villanueva unveiled a new policy Friday meant to root out the problem.

    The measure follows a violent deputy confrontation at a department sponsored party at Kennedy Hall in East L.A.

    A deputy who was beaten up at that party is speaking out anonymously as he and six other deputies file a legal claim alleging harassment and discrimination.

    "There's people getting, you know, stomped on... being choked out... it was just crazy, crazy to believe they're all cops," the deputy tells Eyewitness News.

    The deputies allege that it was a one-sided fight with younger deputies attacked by veteran "shot callers" of the East L.A. sheriff's station, a group bearing tattoos of a skeleton in a sombrero with a shotgun.

    It is the Los Banditos logo.

    The deputies' attorney calls the group a gang.

    "Two of the four perpetrators of the Banditos who did the attacking at Kennedy Hall had been previously fired, one for domestic violence and another for filing a false police report," said lawyer Vincent Miller.

    Even Sheriff Villanueva, who once worked at the East L.A. station acknowledges a bully culture. He says that that the clique came to control even the station captain.
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    • Posted by $ 11 months, 2 weeks ago
      Well, for goodness sakes! Do they realize what they are messing with coining that name? I hope the real guys don't decide to make a clean sweep. They've been around since before I was born! Down here on the Gulf Coast, we have Dos Peros. We had a Federal Judge who rode with the Banditos. He was neighbor of mine.
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  • Posted by $ mminnick 11 months, 2 weeks ago
    Bazooka won't cut it. Battalion of M1A2's Battalion of MLRS and a few B-2 just might do the trick, but not sure of that.
    Also, there would be untold collateral damage (property and people) to get ride of the gangs. so it really isn't a good idea.
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