[Ask the Gulch] What are the objectivist vices?

Posted by $ Solver 10 months, 2 weeks ago to Ask the Gulch
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Maybe we can come up with a list of objectivist vices based on how Ayn Rand described the virtures. Pick a virture and come up with one single word that represents a vice. Don’t use the opposite form of the same word.

“Honesty is the refusal to fake reality.”

The vice might be called, “Faker” (as in those who fake news, definitions of words and accusations of racism or islamophobia.)

List of Objectivist Virtues:
Rationality - this is the cardinal virtue, which leads to all other virtues. Rationality means using reason (and rejecting emotions) to identify reality.
Honesty is the refusal to fake reality.
Integrity is consistency in the application of reason.
Productivity means working to create one's values.
Independence means being first-handed, or refusing to leave one's thinking to others.
Pride is the pursuit of moral perfection. Pride is related to self-esteem - the belief that one is capable of gaining and keeping one's values--and that one deserves them.
Justice is the principle of applying reason to the actions of other men, or giving other people what they deserve.

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  • Posted by ewv 10 months, 2 weeks ago
    You answered your own question -- negating the virtues. Whatever you call them (like "faker") that's the content. It's important to remember that vices are negative derivatives. There's no Satan running around representing evil as a thing in the sense of "evil" existing on its own, as anything other than a negation of positive value.

    But those are what Ayn Rand called the major virtues that she identified. There are a lot more implications, such as the obvious initiation of force.
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