The Simpsons: Russian art film version

Posted by $ Solver 1 year ago to Government
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A unique Simpsons style one minute introduction video in a town where the government owns the means of production, the people work for the goverment and and the goverment provides everyone work.

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  • Posted by $ allosaur 1 year ago
    Look forward, y'all, to the utopian brave new word now being offered by all dang so may hopeful presidential candidates of the Jackass Party.
    Those at the top of this wonder to behold Animal Farm won't be worried about you not having too much money because you won't.
    Why? Because now we've obtained the hope and change required to fix everything that was wrong with a country founded by slave owners.
    All you have to do is trust the commissar team to always know what's best for you. It's that simple.
    This message has been brought to you by Big Brother Security.
    Have you heard anyone complaing about Big Brother?
    There is now a reward of an extra food ration.
    And you may now dial 911 to report all traitors.
    Power to the people! Have a very nice day.
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