Facebook Policy Update Allows Death Threats Against ‘Dangerous Individuals’ (updated)

Posted by $ Solver 12 months ago to News
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The war against free speech, diversity of ideas and the law itself hits a new level.

“ Facebook issued a new policy update yesterday that said that it is permissible to post death threats and incite violence against any individual or organization covered in their “Dangerous Individuals and Organizations” policy. Essentially, this policy change makes it completely within community standards to raise a ‘fatwah’ against any group or individual that Facebook deems dangerous.”

Updated policy updated,
SOURCE URL: https://thewashingtonpundit.com/2019/07/11/facebook-policy-update-allows-death-threats-against-dangerous-individuals/

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  • Posted by $ AJAshinoff 12 months ago
    Simple solution, don't use Facebook. It is a private company and can dictate their own rules and regulations, no matter how screwed up they are.
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    • Posted by bobsprinkle 12 months ago
      I absolutely DO NOT use or visit facebook. Not on purpose anyway. I tried it several years ago when it was becoming "all the rage". But when I saw everyone was posting about their latest marvelous meal or their cute little kitty, I left. I tried to clear myself from all of it but I think my name is still on their rolls. It is useless.
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      • Posted by $ AJAshinoff 12 months ago
        I do, but in a limited way. I got started as a way to promote my novels. I've made few friends there and maintain communication with old Navy buddies and people I know from here that left long ago. Like anything else you use with caution with the understanding that nothing you say on the web will be private forever.
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  • Posted by $ blarman 12 months ago
    While Facebook is a private company, it is still illegal to post content calling for incitement and personal harm against another person. That's assault. And because Facebook is considering itself not a content provider but an editor, they could be held legally liable. Just waiting for something to actually happen now.

    Personally, I think these social media companies have gone Nazi. They have tried to define their behavior as acceptable even as they choose to censor those whom they disagree with while allowing those they agree with to pursue violence. It's ideological flim-flam.
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  • Posted by $ gharkness 12 months ago
    I think that most people here - given the ones that don't use Facebook - haven't a clue as to how much commerce is facilitated by, through, with, and IN Facebook. A very small section of it is devoted to political commentary and other such topics.

    The rest: all business. There are businesses on Facebook that literally exist nowhere else. And they are doing quite well.

    That is not to say that any one of you - or all of you - should care about that fact, or that you should even think about joining Facebook. Clearly, you have no interest, and that's fine. I will be curious to see, however, how this all falls out, when eventually, it does fall out. And it will.
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    • Posted by Lucky 12 months ago
      You have stated the problem. Avoiding Fb is not easy. Many small businesses use Fb instead of having their own website (restaurants, repair shops) easier and cheaper maybe.
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  • Posted by $ 12 months ago
    Facebook’s policy encouraging unlawful acts against “dangerous individuals” changed.
    “Dangerous individuals” were mostly just people that use logic and reason against much of the PC leftist nonsense. Eventually “dangerous individuals” would be any accused of wrongthink.

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  • Posted by $ 25n56il4 12 months ago
    My stepdaughter lives on Facebook! She is well educated and intelligent, but she seems to have a desire to share her entire (boring) life with everyone. I don't understand this mentality!
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  • Posted by LibertyBelle 12 months ago
    I thought that threats (of physical harm or violence) were themselves illegal and criminal. I seem to have heard lately that Facebook has been banning "undesirable" views or people who express same. But it is now allowing threats? This world is getting too weird for me.
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  • Posted by DrZarkov99 12 months ago
    I posted Paul Joseph Watson's YouTube video about Facebook declaring a FATWA on him under this rule - on Facebook. So far it hasn't been taken down, and I've received no admonitions from the Facebook mafia. Is it possible that because I avoid inflammatory "triggering" language, keeping my speech blunt but factual and civil, that the AI censor doesn't pick up on it? I'm on Facebook because my relatives frequently post there.
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