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  • Posted by $ allosaur 2 years ago
    "I KNOW NOTHING" and CAN YOU REPEAT THE QUESTION mad me dino laugh. Really liked "Rednecksa after they raid Area 51" and the CPR screamer.
    But about that border collie, Mr. President, learn from what happened to Ivanka. Lib pinheads will say a white dog is you flaunting your white privilege.
    If the dog is brown or black, you can bet the same Never Trumpers will call that a racist symbol of subjugating people of color.
    Since white, black and brown covers most dog colors, finding a PC border collie is now problematic.
    Ah, yes, there's red but that's a no-no. They will say you are insulting casino owners.
    Dyeing it orange will be said about you wanting that dog to be all about you.
    Dyeing it rainbow colors will be made into you mocking Obooboo for how he lit up the White House at least on one occasion.
    Purple dye. Hmm, methinks you couldn't go wrong with purple dye. No, someone will come up with accusation about animal cruelty.
    I've got it! Get one of those stiff prank dog leashes that was once a fad and say your invisible dog is a border collie.
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  • Posted by exceller 2 years ago
    For me the best was the "weekend at Bernie" imitation of propping up a dead Mueller. It was a great movie and the analogy is apt.

    The other was Trump wanting to get a border collie for the WH.

    Sean Connery was also great.

    Thanks for your efforts, Carl, as always. The Memes are a bright point of the Gulch.
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  • Posted by $ 2 years ago
    Really laughed at Christine Muller, Confusion GPS and the depiction of omar in the dumb squad jumping off the cliff.

    OH! and Shawn Connery saying God Shave the Queen!

    Redneck adaptation of Alien Tech was pretty good too.
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