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Location: Houston, TX
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I am an avid and passionate student of Reality. Objectivism has been my richest single, source of inspiration, as well as guidance to my thinking and the design of my life, but there are some significant others. I enjoy really the company of Objectivists, especially if they are willing to consider non-Objectivist concepts without "contempt prior to investigation". More broadly, in my career, I have started businesses, led companies, and been involved in almost every aspect of a business enterprise. Today I coach and facilitate key business people, teams and enterprises to create greater wealth - in all its forms. I own and manage theWealthSource, LP, an executive and enterprise coaching firm. I have been published and interviewed in the Houston Chronicle and other news publications, appeared on CNN Business Radio and speak frequently to professional and industry organizations across the country. Educationally, I hold a BBA in Entrepreneurship from the University of Houston and an MS in Organizational Development from the University of Texas. I have a keen interest in spirituality, poetry, science, and technology, I have traveled broadly and served my country in the US Army. I reside in Houston, TX with my beautiful wife Dianne, awesome young son Chase, and two cuddly pit bulls - a wonderful family whom I love deeply.