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My main interests are law, politics, computer programming, web design, and gardening. I hold a few advanced degrees from back when a University education entailed reading mountains of books and taking a wide range of electives before Political Correctness and Leftist Indoctrination became the order of the day. I have a massive personal library, so if anyone is looking for any references feel free to send me a query. I am licensed to practice Law in New York State and founded a now defunct non-profit, but I've "had enough", so I am not in active practice anymore. I have contributed two peer reviewed book chapters to academic anthologies, and I am currently hard at work on a book advocating the formation of a New Political Party. I am middle aged and still single, no doubt as a result of having spent too much time buried in the stacks. PS. See the Wikipedia entry for Publius Valerius Publicola if you are curious about my writing as Poplicola, which was his ancient Roman nickname meaning "friend of the people". (Also note that I am not the author of the Poplicola blog at wordpress.com)