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The Producers of the movies hang out in here pretty regularly so don't hesitate to engage and ask real questions or bring some real commentary.

We're very much looking forward to giving you as much behind-the-scenes access as possible and hearing from you along the way. We'll be reading everything so, be good.


  1. We have movies to promote - Atlas Shrugged: Who is John Galt? is coming soon to Blu-ray and DVD. We need to get the word out and we want to employ your help.
  2. We have ideas to spread - We're passionate about Ayn Rand's ideas and we hope to assist in their progress by engaging in some inspired conversation.
  3. We have connections to facilitate - Have you ever wished you lived in the Gulch and could conduct value-for-value exchanges exclusively with like minded individuals? Us too. Let's.


  1. Be civil.
  2. Debate is welcome but, not without having read number 1.


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