Me Dino's Saturday Silly--Seriously, A Swimming Pool Proposed For A Rebuilt Notre Dame's Roof!!!

Posted by $ allosaur 1 year ago to Humor
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It's Stockholm-based Ulf Mejergren Architects (UMA) who wants to do that.
Almost makes me want to slap myself for being born half-Swedish.
Oh, and there are other odd for mod avant-garde ideas for rendering the historical Gothic majesty of the Notre Dame Cathedral into poop for pop art.
Such atrocities of modern architecture are supposed to be "a reflection of who we are now."
One example of "who we are now" would be "Quasimodo's New Penthouse" that may come with an indoor swimming pool (for some archbishop?) instead of a huge outdoors pool Swedes want all over roof of this once a grand old cathedral built for Christian worship.
Above I mixed with my words with those of Paul Joseph Watson, whose video comes with the article in the link. He is a hoot!
He needs to be. It may occur to some that "a reflection of who we are now" is a crying shame.

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  • Posted by $ exceller 1 year ago
    "Architecture expert Tom Wilkinson also called for Notre Dame’s fallen spire to be replaced with an Islamic minaret as an apology to Algerian Muslims killed by French police.

    As we previously reported, the French government has forbidden state-employed architects from giving interviews to the media about the Notre Dame fire, which destroyed the cathedral’s spire.

    The actual cause of the fire remains a mystery."

    I expected that, e.g. the "idea" to build a Muslim edifice on top of the Notre Dame. There is nothing new there: every time there is a chance, Islam will raise its ugly head. Remember the drive to build a mosque at Ground Zero? Slimey Bloomberg was willing to go for it and even provide matching funding to the group which wanted to emphasize "Muslim-'Christian friendship". Mercifully the plan did not go anywhere. But it does not mean they will not try again. Given the propensity of the French to "embrace" Muslims, they may succeed.

    We will probably never find out the reason for the fire, officially. Most of us have a very good idea how it started.
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    • Posted by $ 1 year ago
      What me dino thinks how that fire started should fit right in with how "most of us" thinks that fire started.
      As for a Muslim edifice, me dino immediately feels compelled to ask why not just erect upside-down star or a crucifix to pay homage to Satan.
      No, wait. New thought.
      Let it be that demonic seated goat-headed statue I keep seeing off and on. Yeah, the one with a little boy and girl admiring the devil's magnificent ugliness.
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      • Posted by $ 1 year ago
        Another thought while having lunch. Let's also put a statue of Buddha up there atop a now weird looking rebuilt cathedral and add whatever all those Hindu gods are.
        I also thought why not just change the cathedral's name to an all-inclusive The Pantheon before me dino remembered Paris has another building by that name.
        So never mind about this change the name bit.
        The cathedral will already look screwed up enough.
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        • Posted by $ exceller 1 year ago
          We are joking about it but rest assured the Muslim hugging French, or rather the Muslim hugging French elite led by Macron will NOT restore the cathedral in its original architecture but will put something for Islam in it. The donors of the money to enable the restoration must have specified conditions and make their demand contingent upon the nature of the new structure.
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          • Posted by $ 1 year ago
            If that cathedral was being rebuilt the old-fashioned way, the Muslim hugging French elite may be long gone during the generations it would take to complete Notre Dame.
            Pessimistic me thinks two other futuristic option are more viable.
            More viable option #1~~The rebuilding will be a mod squad quickie job that will look like crap and crappier with decorative Islamic appeasements added.
            More viable option #2~~For taking over all France or at least Paris, a frenzied horde of Muslims will destroy what little is left of the cathedral with zealous outcries of "Allahu akbar!" while stupidly as ever shooting AK47s on full auto in the air as bullets rain down to create leaky roofs and to kill and maim bystanders.
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            • Posted by $ exceller 1 year ago
              Well, the French elite has been in place since the revolution and it will unlikely be gone in the next five years, the span Macron swore to rebuild it,

              There is a great probability of your #2 playing out.
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  • Posted by $ Solver 1 year ago
    Instead of a swimming pool up on the roof how about a bunch of trampolines? With waves of enough PC liberals jumping, motion activated generators could power the church. Could also be a solution to progressive increases in depression. Jumpers would get quite a view. Fences would be optional.
    (Can you tell this is sarcasm these days?)
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