The Greening Of Gore's Bank Account

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during his years in government his total accumulated net worth was about $1.7 million. About $750,000 of that was tied up in two homes he owned with then-wife Tipper in Virginia and Tennessee.

That was a far cry from the property he owns now: a 20-room, 10,000 square foot antebellum mansion in Nashville’s wealthy Belle Meade neighborhood, and the $8.9 million rising ocean-front threatened villa in Montecito, California he purchased following his divorce. He can certainly afford to pay the 221,000 kilowatt-hours utility bill for that Nashville home alone that the Tennessee Center for Policy Research published from 2007 records, 20 times national average household consumption.

In 2004, Gore co-founded London-based Generation Investment Management (GIM) with Senator Feinstein’s husband, former Goldman Sachs Group, Inc. Managing Director David Blood to invest money in businesses that were “going green”. Public filings show that GIM raised profits of nearly $218 million between 2008 and 2011, split among 26 partners. By 2008 Gore was able to put together $35 million into hedge funds and private partnerships through Capricorn Investment Group, a Palo Alto company founded by his Canadian billionaire buddy Jeffrey Skoll, the first president of EBay Inc.

It was Skoll’s Participant Media company that produced Gore’s feverishly frightening science fiction 2006 film, “An Inconvenient Truth.” Following an investigation, Sir Michael Burton, a judge in London’s High Court, ruled in 2007 that the film can be shown in secondary schools only if accompanied by guidance notes for teachers to balance Mr. Gore’s “one-sided” views. In comments regarding that ruling, he pointed out that the “apocalyptical vision” presented in the movie was politically partisan, and not an impartial analysis of the science of climate change: “It is built around the charismatic presence of the ex-vice president Al Gore, whose crusade is to persuade the world of the dangers of climate change caused by global warming…It is now common ground that this is not simply a science film- although it is based substantially on science research and opinion, but it is [clearly] a political film.”

In November 2007, GIM joined with the Silicon Valley venture capital company Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers (KPCB) in its efforts to create “a global collaboration to find, fund and accelerate green business technology and policy solutions with the greatest potential to help solve the current climate crisis.” GIM reportedly put somewhere between $50 million and $100 million into KPCB’s $1 billion growth fund. Gore became a KPCB partner.

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  • Posted by 4 years ago
    And then there is the payoff from Apple to a guy who had ZERO business experience, but was given a board seat and 100,000 cheap options. (Reminds me of Hitlery's astute share trading.)
    "only fourteen years after leaving office, Al Gore has still amassed a huge stash …right up there approaching Mitt Romney’s. He recently exercised options at $7.48 per share on 59,000 shares of Apple stock, part of 101,358 restricted options he was granted as a board member in 2003…representing total gross holdings valued at more than $45.6 million. That Apple board tenure coincided with a 5,900 percent stock price increase."

    "Then there’s that estimated $70 million net he received for his 20 percent stake in the January sale of the Current TV network, his share of the $500 million paid as a “fixer-upper project” by the Qatari-owned al -Jazeera Satellite Network. Prior to the sale, he had been paying himself $1.2 million a year in salary and bonuses."
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  • Posted by exceller 4 years ago
    $200 million net worth?

    He has done well as a corrupt democrat. Obama made only $100 million although he is catching up fast.

    His bio reads as the standard format for a political big shot on the left. They all come in penniless and end with millions in net worth.

    No wonder they'd do anything and everything during their political career to accumulate that wealth. Lawlessness is the means.
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