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Posted by $ Olduglycarl 12 months ago to Science
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We have been wondering about magnetic excursions or very quick magnetic reversals.

In this 6.5 min. video, Dr. Channell fills us in on what science knows about these events.


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  • Posted by $ 12 months ago
    We have learned a lot about magnetic reversals and micro novas recently but haven't had much information on magnetic excursions.

    If we had a choice of disaster scenarios...I'd chose a magnetic excursion...hands down!
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    • Posted by Lucky 12 months ago
      disaster scenarios
      We are presented with a good choice at the moment:

      -Carbon change alarmism of an increase of a few degrees C in one hundred years has been shown to be a political movement backed by the gullible and rent-seekers, the gang now has resorted to threatening more extreme weather.

      -Too much government debt, could be serious but the threat does not allow for much of the debt being held by the same party being both lender and debtor.

      -Invasion by space aliens, still possible of course, the precautionary principle relied on by the climate alarmists, justifies limitless spending to prevent every scare.

      -China, again. A Chinese warship has made a visit to Sydney Australia, the alarmists claim this is evidence of an effective blue water navy. But consider, there are photos of crew members on leave bulk buying boxes of baby milk. The Chinese scams of 10 years ago of contaminants has not died down, the Chinese still have little confidence in QC in their industries.
      'One swallow does not make a summer'.

      -Mass immigration by barbarians. I think this is a real threat and not too hard to put right, technically at least.

      -There are more, among which is the chance of planetary magnetic reversal, it has happened before.
      Since if it happens there are very severe possible repercussions it could be a legit project for government money to check and confirm or otherwise.
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      • Posted by $ 12 months ago
        Always go with history but as it's told these days we must take it with a grain of salt. Going back to what was said at the times of these events is a good place to start.

        We know that we Will have a magnetic reversal...we just don't know whether it will be a full on reversal or a 'quick' reversal like described in the video....and I am sure the parasitical humanoids in our governments have already prepared for their own our expense of course.
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