Andy McCarthy on Brennan criticizing new review of Russia probe's origins: ‘What’s he worried about?’

Posted by $ mminnick 1 year, 6 months ago to Politics
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"Barr has appointed John Durham, a U.S. attorney in Connecticut, to examine the genesis of the Russian probe and determine if intelligence-collection efforts targeting the Trump campaign were “lawful and appropriate.”"
"Former CIA Director John Brennan insisted on MSNBC Tuesday that surveillance of the Trump campaign went through a “rigorous due process” and was approved by the FISA court.
Any efforts by Republicans to portray the surveillance as a “deep state” operation are a misrepresentation, Brennan said."

Notice he didn't say they didn't occur. Brennan is lying again. If he speaks about any of this the chances of it being a lie are about 99.99%.

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