Mueller Furious With Pelosi, Democrat Lies, Wants To Testify ASAP

Posted by  $  Olduglycarl 7 months ago to News
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"But one American who was not impressed with their antics was the man they based all of their dreams on. Special counsel Robert Mueller."

"Special Counsel Mueller “deeply disturbed” by Pelosi accusations against AG Barr today and is urging Nadler to push up his hearing to testify and correct the record as soon as possible,” he said."

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  • Posted by  $  7 months ago
    "If Mueller stands in front of the Congress and the American people and says that Barr was correct, that President Donald trump was exonerated, it is game, set and match."
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    • Posted by rainman0720 7 months ago
      As long as Donald J Trump lives at 1600 Pennsylvania, I don't think the left will EVER stop trying to get him out of office, or at least doing everything they can to tarnish him enough that he doesn't get re-elected in 18 months.

      Mueller could swear on the life of his mom, his wife, and his kids that there was no collusion and absolutely no proof of obstruction, and those moonbats on the left will accuse him of being just another lackey for Trump, hiding something to protect him.

      As long as Trump wears the title President, the left will not be satisfied.

      My second wish from my genie would be that the dems remain unsatisfied until the 2024 election.
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    • Posted by  $  Solver 7 months ago
      If that happens the far left will likely double down. Double their efforts of rage. Double their efforts of fake news. Double the efforts of indoctrination. Double their efforts of ...
      Socialism is like a religion to them. And their great grandchildren were promised its heaven.
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      • Posted by  $  exceller 7 months ago
        Well, taking their wrath out on Mueller may be a risky business for the left.

        Barr is one thing but Mueller is another.

        After all, Mueller was their appointed golden boy to bring Trump down. Now they are desperately trying to "see" things in Mueller's report that is not there.

        If Mueller rebuffs them, there is nowhere else to go.
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    • Posted by  $  mminnick 7 months ago
      Disagree. The Democrats will find something to continue the witch hunt. Mueller would have to say that Barr was correct on 1. Collusion. 2. Conspiracy and 3. Obstruction of Justice. It is the last one that may cause some issues. Since Mueller felt compelled to tay they could not exonorate Trum of the Obatruction charge, for his to now say he Barr is correct is a little far out.
      It also remains to be seen if Mueller will actually show. Several things could happen that prevent it:
      1. Trump asserts Executive Privilege,
      2. AG Barr denies Mueller permission to speak and
      3. Mueller changes his mind about testifying.
      The first two are not likely. Trump is not likely to do so since on many other equally valid points he has not Barr is likely not to because Trump has sais he want transparentcy in this matter and Mueller wants to keep his reputation such as it is, intact he will show.
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      • Posted by  $  7 months ago
        Obstruction is an easy one for me because it is obvious, Trumps queries, rants and loss of control were never taken to the action stage, he never fired muleface, no one lied, he never declared executive privilege and he gave them what ever they asked him for.

        The demons what to convict him on his thoughts, his frustration and his rightful indignation because he did not follow through with a criminal act.
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  • Posted by  $  Suzanne43 7 months ago
    Ah, to see that they are beginning to act like the vermin that they are...kind of like ferrets who eat their own.
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    • Posted by  $  7 months ago
      Even ferrets eating their own is way too nice a picture for the likes of these creatures.
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      • Posted by lrshultis 7 months ago
        Perhaps the degree of verminism depends upon the degree to which one believes in the impossible.

        "How is it that we have succeeded in persuading reasonable beings that the thing most impossible to understand was the most essential for them. It is because they were greatly frightened; it is because when men are kept in fear they cease to reason; it is because they have been expressly enjoined to distrust their reason. When the brain is troubled, we believe everything and examine nothing".

        " The brain of man is, especially in infancy, like a soft wax, ready to receive all the impressions we wish to make on it; education furnishes nearly all his opinions, at a period when he is incapable of judging for himself. We believe that the ideas, true or false, which at a tender age were forced into our heads, were received from nature at our birth; and this persuasion is one of the greatest sources of our errors".
        Jean Meslier, SUPERSTITION IN ALL AGES , (1732)
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  • Posted by GaryL 7 months ago
    Proof positive! Even those in their own camp are disgusted with the vile BS the dimwits are pulling. Everyone and I do mean everyone is seeing this clown show and when you see the lackeys they have running for President along side of Chuck and Nancy and flanked by Nadler, Blumenthal and the bimbo from Hawaii with her cohorts AOC and Ilhan it is pretty hard to be so stupid as to not see their house of cards crumbling.
    I am embarrassed for the USA.
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  • Posted by Bill54 7 months ago
    All of the antics from the left wing and the Democrat leadership makes one ponder their future. Will testimony from Mr. Mueller give them fodder for current and future campaign seasons? The media will do what they are doing now by ignoring the truth. My thoughts are there will be a major Democrat loss from the top down. But then it is early. Is there something looming over the horizon? Will there be further voter harvesting? Probably not.
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  • Posted by starznbarz 7 months ago
    When Obama was elected, the communist left, known as the democrat party, were convinced the 100 year struggle was over, so they pushed beyond the political and Constitutional limits with the intention of provoking a violent reaction from the right (one of the traits they believe Constitutionalists & conservatives are born with) in anticipation of using that reaction to wrap up control of this Republic for the duration. We did not comply. As with all extremists and communists, they cannot stand it when they are proven wrong and in their ignorance, double down on the failed tactics. They do not seem to realize that if they manage to kick the old dog one time too many and it decides to bite in defense, they will be no more. We are witnessing the political demise of the democrat party, lets hope they don t go out with a bang.
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  • Posted by  $  Stormi 7 months ago
    Mueller has to stand his ground or look as stupid as the current Dem leadership. Mueller himself conspired with Russia when he too uranium samples, at Hillary's command, to Russia to be approved for quality, when she and Bill sold uranium to our enemy Russia. He should have recused himself. Pelosi is so busy trying to stir things up, she and her colleagues are doing nothing for those who elected her, hope they remember that. Barr should start an investigation into the Congressional pedophile ring, of which Nancy Pelosi, Hillary, even bush Sr.were long aware. Surely the sexual pimping of children for politicians and world leaders for profit is of more importance than grilling Mueller!
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  • Posted by  $  blarman 7 months ago
    If I were a Republican sitting on that panel, my questions would be brief and to the point:
    #1. Mr. Mueller, Mr. Barr testified that he spoke with you regarding the release of the report and that he offered you an opportunity to view the summary before he released it and you declined. Is this accurate?
    (answer: yes)

    #2. Mr. Barr testified that he spoke to you regarding a memo he received expressing some concerns about the release of the report. Did you write that memo or did someone on your staff do it?
    (someone else did it)

    #3. Mr. Barr testified that when he spoke to you concerning the memo that he specifically asked you if there was something inaccurate in his summary. You declined to cite anything at that time not once, but three times. Is that correct?

    #4. Mr. Mueller, as the lead prosecutor in this investigation, it was within your prerogative to recommend indictment of any person investigated (including President Trump) is that correct? (yes) You concluded in your investigation that there was insufficient evidence to charge "any American" with conspiracy to affect the , is that correct? (yes) In your legal opinion, was there sufficient evidence to indict anyone in President Trump's campaign - including the President himself - with obstruction of Justice? (no)

    Thank you.
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  • Posted by  $  Dobrien 7 months ago
    Those who are the loudest…..
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    • Posted by  $  7 months ago
      Gram was louder!

      They all miss the point: No matter what was said, inferred or discussed...nothing came of it. One has the right to say anything but if no actions follow then there cannot be a crime.

      I bet if that "THING" from Hawaii had been in DT's position she would have committed a fact, just by existing, she is a walking talking crime against all conscious humanity.
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      • Posted by  $  25n56il4 7 months ago
        I was really shocked at that tirade from the Hawaiian person. All that sea air and sunshine is supposed to make one feel good and happy. What happened to her? Oh, she went to Congress! Let that be a lesson to all.
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        • Posted by Arthgallo 7 months ago
          All she did was read her prepared script. My first thought was "pathetic" - probably had a staffer write it for her; maybe she read it over first; maybe not. Either way, disgusting, disrespectful, and beneath any shred of dignity. Oh wait, what was I thinking! She was so enlightened at the Kavanaugh hearing too.
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