Why Education Must Be Freed From “Social Engineering”

Posted by Vinay 3 years ago to Education
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The expansion of general education into an inflexible K-12 system (kindergarten for 4- to 6-year-olds through twelfth grade for 17- to 19-year-olds) is a global phenomenon. This move toward a lengthy, one-size-fits-all, broad-based schooling, and today, in 135 countries, compulsory, is hailed as Progressivism’s greatest achievement. This is “social engineering”—the use of centralized planning to manage social change and regulate the future development of a society.
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  • Posted by $ mminnick 3 years ago
    I agree with Freedomforall -- great article. (+1)
    Some of the things mentioned remide me of how education was in the old west. You learned to read , write and do arithmetic eother from your parents of the local school teacher. Once that was learned the rest was up to you. People read, they learned by observation and doing.
    I grant you todays technological societies need more than that but the approach in place today is not working all that well. Students come out with 10 of thousands if not hundreds of thousand of dollars in debt. Not a good way to start your life out.
    I loo at my youngest frand daughters classes in hgh school. I would estimate that about 1/2 are at least 50% social engineering and shaping of ideas and thought processes. Not even mathematics and the sciences escape the PC paint brush. I saw one algebra word problem that started out John , two fathers are 60 miles apart … Not even close to being germain to the problem just getting the students acclimated to non-traditional life choices.
    Just my two cents worth of thought.
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